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Beaded Green Beryl Stretch Bracelet

SKU: RGBS-1506.71
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Green Beryl
  • Green Beryl is in the Beryl family which a mineral containing beryllium aluminium silicate. Sometimes known as water emerald it is a lustrous material which comes in beautiful hues of green often light and reminiscent of water. It is an alternate birthstone for May and and the traditional wedding gift for the 38th anniversary.
Beaded Green Beryl Stretch Bracelet Sale price$1,090.00

What is Crownwork®?

Amidst the designers on Fifth Avenue, Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry stands apart with our signature Crownwork®, a distinctive grid-like pattern that features in all of our designs. This technique adds strength while reducing weight, resulting in large statement pieces that can comfortably be worn every day, not just reserved for special occasions.

The inspiration behind Crownwork® comes from Ray Griffiths' early training in restoring vintage European jewelry, blending heritage with innovation to offer elegance and wearability.