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Caring for your Ray Griffiths Fine Jewlery

Fine jewelry is a lifelong investment with sentimental value, to maintain your jewels here are some tips and tricks. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Use a mild dish soap (Dawn is great) and gently scrub with soft toothbrush, dry gently with a lint free cloth.

We offer cleaning, polishing and inspection of stones (to check for any loose settings) of all pieces in studio, feel free to make an appointment and we can help maintain your jewels.

Storage and Protection

Store each piece separately to prevent scratching and tangling, using soft pouches, compartments, or anti-tarnish bags.

Keep jewelry away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, household cleaners, and perfumes, especially jewelry with colored gemstones.

Wear with Care

Remove jewelry during activities like cleaning, sports, swimming, or gardening to prevent damage and chemical reactions with gems and stones.

Put lotions and perfumes on before your jewels and handle pieces by their metal parts to avoid smudging or accidental drops


Jewelry is made to be worn and cherished.