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Few jewelers know as much about composition and jewelry design as Ray.

Ray specializes in making custom pieces; working with you from initial inspirations through to stone/metal selection and then final design elements. He is a master at bringing your old and treasured pieces back to life and transforming beloved jewelry that you no longer wear into new and exciting pieces.

Restoration Stories

Wedding Stories

I have been collecting Ray Griffith’s pieces for almost two decades, and when I had inherited family heirlooms there was no question as to who I would select to restore and reimagine my pieces. I love working with Ray. He is as passionate about jewelry as I am.  He learned my personality and listened to my vision and “wha-la” a master piece was created!

Ray has proven to be a one-of-a-kind find. Upfront, he invested considerable time getting to know me—my taste, my lifestyle, the backstory behind each piece as well as soliciting “honest” feedback on initial ideas.

The best thing about working with Ray is that he seemed to appreciate my ring as much as I did, and understood that it had real sentimental value (and wasn’t just a beautiful piece of jewelry). I felt completely confident in the process and am so happy with the result.