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Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry


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The Studio

The atelier of Ray Griffiths is a sunlit space that sits high above New York’s Fifth Avenue. Here, gold is worked and made into precious Crownwork® pieces. Likewise, this is also where Griffiths lovingly restores vintage and antique jewels.

Studio Services include: Private Consultation & Custom Design; Restoration & Re-fashioning of Vintage Pieces & Engagement and Wedding Rings.

By Appointment – click here to make a plan to come and see us.

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Everyday jewelry that’s anything but.

Our pieces reflect not just the light, but the qualities of those who wear them. A bold confidence that can be captivating. Designed not just for special occasions, but to make every day special. For an extraordinary life lived outside the box.

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What is Crownwork®?

Amidst the designers on Fifth Avenue, Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry stands apart with our signature Crownwork®, a distinctive grid-like pattern that features in all of our designs. This technique adds strength while reducing weight, resulting in large statement pieces that can comfortably be worn every day, not just reserved for special occasions.

The inspiration behind Crownwork® comes from Ray Griffiths' early training in restoring vintage European jewelry, blending heritage with innovation to offer elegance and wearability.

Strong enough to endure long-term wear. Timeless enough to endure short-term trends.


I have been collecting Ray Griffith’s pieces for almost two decades, and when I had inherited family heirlooms there was no question as to who I would select to restore and reimagine my pieces. I love working with Ray. He is as passionate about jewelry as I am.  He learned my personality and listened to my vision and “wha-la” a master piece was created!

Ray has proven to be a one-of-a-kind find. Upfront, he invested considerable time getting to know me—my taste, my lifestyle, the backstory behind each piece as well as soliciting “honest” feedback on initial ideas.

The best thing about working with Ray is that he seemed to appreciate my ring as much as I did, and understood that it had real sentimental value (and wasn’t just a beautiful piece of jewelry). I felt completely confident in the process and am so happy with the result.