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NY Times - About New York; Starting Over: Good Move, Bad Karma

Story: David GonzalesPhotography: Bill CunninghamApril 8, 1998AFTER years at building a successful jewelry business in Australia, Ray Griffiths knew it was time to move on. Although his work had ap...

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Veranda magazine coins

Veranda Magazine - Objects & Artifacts

 18k yellow gold half ball earrings on a post with 18k yellow gold crownwork® frame drops set  with authentic Roman coins and sapphiresClick here to see more fabulous coin jewelry.

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Town & Country - Stars & Signs

This one was a match made in heaven, I am a Leo so having my Hessonite Garnet ring paired up with my star sign in this months Town and Country was serendipitous.This asymmetric ring has a natural, ...

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Ray Griffiths x Gem Gossip

Danielle Miele started her wildly popular blog "Gem Gossip" over 10 years ago and is beloved in the industry for her love and appreciation for jewelry and telling their story.  She came by the stud...

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Ad with bleed marks

Town & Country - Time & Jewels

Very proud to be partnered with Town & Country again this year for their annual Time & Jewels feature. 

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Town & Country - Featured

It is always such a thrill to be featured in Town & Country, it's such a style staple.  October is Opal month and the Stars and Signs page always has fabulous jewels paired up with everyone's s...

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