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Size Chart


Rings should fit your finger comfortably, feel nice and snug so they won’t fall off and slip over your knuckle with some resistance. If you don’t know your ring size and cannot get to a local jewelry store to have your finger sized, then you can measure your finger at home using a piece of string. Take a piece of string, wrap it around the base of the finger you intend to wear your ring on and mark where the string first overlaps with a pen. Then line that up with a ruler and take down the measurement in mm.
4 4.5 5
14.8mm 15.2mm 15.6mm
5.5 6 6.5
16mm 16.45mm 16.9mm
7 7.5 8
17.3mm 18.2mm 18.2mm
8.5 9 9.5
18.6mm 19mm 19.4mm


** string can stretch so try not to pull it too taut when measuring your finger. The best time to measure your finger is in the morning when your body is cool.


All of our bracelets are between 7-8” depending on the style. If your wrist runs smaller or larger we can easily resize these for you. You can use the same string method above to measure your wrist size and we can work with you on the perfect size for your bracelet. We are here to help you with all your sizing needs, drop us a line at with any questions and we will work with you to find the perfect size.