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Fine jewelry for a life outside the box. 

Some jewelry is only worn for special occasions. A rare moment to shine brightly. But once removed, it returns to its box, no longer seen, no longer felt, no longer bringing joy. 

At Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry, we don’t believe jewelry should be consigned to a tiny box, only brought out for special occasions. Instead, it should make every occasion special. It shouldn’t just make you look beautiful, it should make you feel wonderful. It should speak to you, while also saying something about you. 

Our jewelry is designed to reflect not just the light, but the quality of the person wearing it. Your confidence. Your luminance. Your philosophy. As it shines, it inspires you to do the same, with the brilliance of someone determined to live life on their terms. 

A Ray Griffiths piece is designed to be seen every day, for an extraordinary life outside the box. And at its heart, it is made for those who choose to live life in the very same way.