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Close to your heart, even after you've taken them off.


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African Amethyst Bead NecklaceAfrican Amethyst Bead Necklace
African Amethyst Bead Necklace Sale price$3,950.00
Amazonite Triple Wrap NecklaceAmazonite Triple Wrap Necklace
Amazonite Triple Wrap Necklace Sale price$6,985.00
Aquamarine Beaded NecklaceAquamarine Beaded Necklace
Aquamarine Beaded Necklace Sale price$4,840.00
Aquaprase™ Beaded NecklaceAquaprase™ Beaded Necklace
Aquaprase™ Beaded Necklace Sale price$4,455.00
Blue Sapphire NecklaceBlue Sapphire Necklace
Blue Sapphire Necklace Sale price$4,785.00
Branch Coral Beaded NecklaceBranch Coral Beaded Necklace
Branch Coral Beaded Necklace Sale price$3,295.00
Chocolate Moonstone NecklaceChocolate Moonstone Necklace
Chocolate Moonstone Necklace Sale price$3,950.00
Classic Crownwork® Conch NecklaceClassic Crownwork® Conch Necklace
Coral Clover Triple Wrap NecklaceCoral Clover Triple Wrap Necklace
Coral Nugget Necklace
Coral Nugget Necklace Sale price$4,390.00
Crownwork® Clover Leaf NecklaceCrownwork® Clover Leaf Necklace
Crownwork® Disc Links & Oxidized Silver ChainCrownwork® Disc Links & Oxidized Silver Chain
Crownwork® Donut Amethyst PendantRGN-015
Crownwork® Flat Link NecklaceCrownwork® Flat Link Necklace
Crownwork® Flat Link Necklace Sale price$11,550.00
Crownwork® Link ChainCrownwork® Link Chain
Crownwork® Link Chain Sale price$4,290.00
Crownwork® Mini Cable Chain Link NecklaceCrownwork® Mini Cable Chain Link Necklace
Crownwork® Opal and Diamond PendantCrownwork® Opal and Diamond Pendant
Crownwork® Oval Link NecklaceCrownwork® Oval Link Necklace
Crownwork® Oval Link Necklace Sale price$12,795.00
Crownwork® Wave Link NecklaceCrownwork® Wave Link Necklace
Crownwork® Wave Link Necklace Sale price$5,690.00
Crystal Quartz Egg PendantCrystal Quartz Egg Pendant
Crystal Quartz Egg Pendant Sale price$2,530.00
Emerald Flower NecklaceEmerald Flower Necklace
Emerald Flower Necklace Sale price$3,290.00
Emperor Soto of Syria Coin NecklaceEmperor Soto of Syria Coin Necklace
Graduated Aquaprase™ NecklaceGraduated Aquaprase™ Necklace
Grey Pearl NecklaceGrey Pearl Necklace
Grey Pearl Necklace Sale price$4,895.00
Labradorite NecklaceLabradorite Necklace
Labradorite Necklace Sale price$4,485.00
Large Multicolored Sapphire Necklace
Madagascan Agate PendantMadagascan Agate Pendant
Madagascan Agate Pendant Sale price$4,270.00
Madeira Citrine NecklaceMadeira Citrine Necklace
Madeira Citrine Necklace Sale price$4,940.00
RGN-1503.33Medium Labradorite Necklace
Medium Labradorite Necklace Sale price$4,455.00
Multi-Colored Freshwater Pearl NecklaceMulti-Colored Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Multicolored Sapphire and Crownwork® Bead NecklaceMulticolored Sapphire and Crownwork® Bead Necklace
Natural Emerald NecklaceNatural Emerald Necklace
Natural Emerald Necklace Sale price$6,425.00
Natural Green Turquoise and Crownwork® Bead NecklaceNatural Green Turquoise and Crownwork® Bead Necklace
RGP-560.01Orange Sapphire Flower Necklace