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The Studio

The atelier of Ray Griffiths' workshop is a sunlit space that sits high above New York’s Fifth Avenue. 

Here, gold is worked and made into precious pieces stamped with the mark of Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry. Likewise, this is also where Griffiths lovingly restores vintage and antique jewels. To some of his clients, Griffiths is a “jewelry whisperer” who takes weathered or damaged jewelry and restores it to its original shape, sensuality, sparkle and shine. “I like the time-traveling element of doing fine jewelry restoration,” Griffiths says. “It’s fun to imagine who these pieces may have belonged to previously, and where they might have traveled,” he says. “If only some of those jewels could talk to us!”

As gold has often been described by poets and alchemists as sunlight made solid, it is perfectly fitting that the picture-windowed space where Griffiths creates and restores golden jewels is bathed in golden light.

Housing two Jewelry benches (one for Griffiths and one for the Jeweler who assists him), the studio also contains a safe; the contents of which rival Aladdin’s Cave in terms of treasure. In addition to packets of diamonds, sapphires and other colored gemstones, there are of course 18-karat gold Crownwork® Jewels, along with strands of pearls, turquoise and a myriad of other gems.

“It’s a privilege to be able to work with gemstones and make gold jewelry for people who appreciate the beauty of what I produce,” Griffiths says. “Gold came to our planet from meteorites that crash landed here one hundred million years ago, and gemstones are also precious pieces of eternity. Creating Jewelry is more than a career, it’s also an emotional process. I love seeing my clients light up when they wear my designs.” - Ray

Studio Services

Private Consultation & Custom Design

Restoration & Re-fashioning of Vintage Pieces

Engagement & Wedding Rings