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Circular Economy

All the gold we use is certified eco-responsible, recycled metal and not newly mined. We endorse the sustainable process of refining this precious metal. Refining is the process of melting down and reusing gold from pre-existing objects. This means the gold you buy from us is on a journey of its own. It may well have been an ancient Roman coin, an Egyptian charm or the hilt of a medieval sword. This is not only a romantic notion but supports the circular economy and the health of our planet.

What is Refined/Recycled gold?

In mining to produce just 1 ounce of gold approximately 20 tons of waste is generated. This is why we choose to use refined or ‘recycled’ gold. The process of refining gold involves melting down reclaimed gold jewelry or objects to reuse this precious metal. Once melted down the impurities are removed resulting in pure gold (24 karat). The gold is then combined with alloy to create different karat grades of gold. We choose to use 18k yellow gold in all our products as the color is a distinctly beautiful shade. It is both durable for the wearer and pliable for our skilled goldsmith.

What can I do with my old gold pieces?

If you are interested in melting down your gold pieces and creating something new, email us to book an appointment in-person at our New York studio or online. With Ray’s expertise he can evaluate your pieces and create a new design for you, extending the lifecycle of your gold into something new to be worn every day.

What are your sustainability practices?

As described in detail above we use only certified eco-responsible refined 18k yellow gold to minimize our ecological footprint. We source all our stones from verified sources and often undertake custom jobs with vintage stones. 

Our jewelry is delivered to you in plush reusable pouches and ring boxes. Plus, all our gift packaging uses recycled materials and can be composted.

Where do your stones/diamonds come from?

All our colored stones and diamonds are ethically sourced from verified sources. We also work with client’s own stones that can be re-cut and fashioned into any style the client desires.

Do you use lab grown diamonds?

We have recently started using lab grown diamonds in some of our pieces and are thrilled with the result. All our jewels which use lab grown diamonds will be acknowledged as such in the description. Lab growns are a way of securing ethically produced diamonds and we source these from dealers in New York supporting local business.