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“Lady Di” Engagement Ring

This ring is the perfect blend of something old and something new. The client's grandmother gifted a 1ct diamond earring each to his brother and himself to use in rings for their future brides. Our clients girlfriend had her heart set on an oval ring and we had a 1ct round to work with. Ray stalked her social media to get a sense of her style and then designed this ring that features the family heirloom and blends that with her amazing style. The ring now has a name “Lady Di” and its own hashtag on instagram.

In Their Own Words

Her: To say I’m obsessed with my engagement ring would be an understatement. I catch myself staring at her so often because she’s just SO sparkly! I love everything about her, from the way the diamonds play off of each other, to the gorgeous Crownwork, to the way she’s curved to fit my finger.  And knowing that the ring is one-of-a-kind and designed specifically for me makes her that much more special. Ray truly outdid himself on Lady Di!

Him: Despite this being my first time purchasing fine jewelry, I found the design process seamless when working with Ray and Kirsten. I came in with an idea and a diamond gifted to me by my grandmother, and they helped me come up with a ring that is truly unique. I was impressed with their attention to detail and how they even took my wife’s personality into account so that the ring would really fit her style. I’m so glad I found a jeweler I could trust through this process!

“Jewelry is something that takes a long time to get right. Integrating technical skills into one’s own
sense of style and design occurs over time. Jewelry isn’t seasonal, it’s evolutionary.”