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Diamond & Sapphire Ring Rebuild

This was a complete restoration of the client’s vintage engagement ring; she had cherished and worn the ring for years but it was starting to fall apart. We completely rebuilt the ring whilst keeping the attributes and integrity of the original design.

In Their Own Words

"I loved my vintage engagement ring, but hadn’t worn it since my 2014 wedding – the ring was so worn down that multiple small diamonds had fallen out and been lost, and there was a constant danger of losing more (or, worse, the beautiful center stone). Ray’s work has made it possible for me to wear my ring without fear – he completely updated the setting so that the stones are secure and look beautiful. The best thing about working with Ray is that he seemed to appreciate my ring as much as I did, and understood that it had real sentimental value (and wasn’t just a beautiful piece of jewelry). He was also constantly up front about his plans for the ring, and how much it would cost – I felt completely confident in the process and am so happy with the result."

“Jewelry is something that takes a long time to get right. Integrating technical skills into one’s own
sense of style and design occurs over time. Jewelry isn’t seasonal, it’s evolutionary.”