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Coin Ring

The client for this restoration is a fellow Aussie, he is also a very talented and celebrated photographer (he shot our last campaign). So he has an eye for detail. He had a family heirloom coin that he wanted to wear as a ring. He liked our 18k yellow gold and oxidized silver coin rings but wanted to flip it around with his gold coin and a darker shank. Ray built a Crownwork® ring that retained the sense of history the coin has but also feels modern.

In Their Own Words

“This 1912 coin has been passed down through four generations and has traveled with my family around the globe. First with my great grandparents’ move from Turkey to Greece in 1923, my grandparents move from Greece to Australia in the 1960s and has now accompanied me on my move to the U.S.”

I have never considered myself a jewelry guy, but am so proud to wear this ring and hold my family’s history close. Ray’s understanding as to how special this heirloom made the conception, design and creation of this ring an exciting experience.”

“Jewelry is something that takes a long time to get right. Integrating technical skills into one’s own
sense of style and design occurs over time. Jewelry isn’t seasonal, it’s evolutionary.”