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Pinky Rings

Pinky rings are the unsung hero of the jewelry world, they pack a stylish punch and are an essential part of every jewelry collection.

My love affair with them started early in life, I am left handed and very dyslexic so I had trouble with left from right. My mother gave me a little pinky ring to wear on my left hand when I was a young boy and whenever I was confused I would reach down and feel that ring to get my bearings. So for me a pinky ring has been an anchor throughout my life.

They also have a fascinating history, in Victorian times single women and men uninterested in pursuing marriage would wear one on their left hand. Later in the US they were beloved by the Mafia (many thought this was so they could be sold to pay for funeral expenses in case of untimely death).

Today pinky rings are embraced as a symbol of self love. You can wear them with initials, birth stones, family heirloom stone or just your favorite gem.

I am having a serious moment of making these gorgeous rings, click here to see all the fabulous pinky rings currently available. I can also make something to order for you, shoot me an email if you have something in mind.