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// to bring something together from different places or over a period of time
I am a collector at heart. I love to collect beautiful things, I have a well curated collection of glassware and china.  I love to collect experiences.  And, naturally given the nature of my work I love to collect Jewelry. In particular, I love to make beautiful rings that reflect and celebrate times in my life.

This ring collection represents a time between 1980 and 1995 when I was living and designing in  Australia.  The lapis with cabriole shoulders still speaks to me daily, the square rings I always have worn stacked together on my left hand and the braided ring still remains a really strong looking ring to me.  These are all my oldies but goldies.

The next group of rings represent me finding my way in New York when I was just getting started and flirting with different techniques.  I did a lot of antique scroll work, I still love the classic nature of them and the way they feel.  I absolutely love the big hammered ball pain ring that is nice and masculine, we made this from a melted ingot that we rolled up into a freeform shape.  One of the reasons I love working with gold so much is that you can melt it down easily and turn it into something else with some love and attention, its a  great metaphor for life.

The final group represents me finding my signature, the crownwork®.  I toyed around with it as a design concept while I was in Australia but really worked on it as my design technique after being in New York for around a year. I love to make myself at least one signature ring a year and the design is usually born from a stone that I fall in love with.   The Sapphire, Opal and Garnet rings are great examples of this,  these were all stones I discovered in Tucson and they spoke to me immediately.

The regency ring series was born from a champagne diamond ring I dreamed up for myself then launched the design into the collection.
Collecting something you love and cherish is good for the soul,  these objects become reservoirs for memories and come to represent a moment or experience in life.

Click here to start the conversation with me about how I can help add to your collection of life's moments.   I love to bring new life to unworn jewels, design something custom for you or just help find the next piece for you collection from mine.