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Manhattan Cricket Club - New York, NY

Classic Cocktails and Classic Jewels

We have teamed up with one our dear friends and the beverage director for the Bowery Group NY (Cookshop, Vics, Shuka & Rosies) Tim Harris to bring you a series of classic cocktails paired with classic jewelry.
We are focusing on pairing the healing properties of the stone in the jewels with the feel good factors of the drinks. Helping us all to feel a little better from the inside out.
Kicking it all off is Clear Quartz, known as the master healing stone. It protects against negativity and helps to attune to the higher self.
Take it away Tim….
Ray and I have known each other since 2008. In that time I have been making cocktails for Ray and Ray has made some beautiful pieces for me and my extended family and friends including our wedding bands and my wife’s engagement ring.
I can’t speak to Ray’s creative process but when I’m creating cocktails, I often think beyond how drinks taste or look, and focus on how they can make you FEEL. EG Does a Manhattan give you confidence? Can a tropical drink transport you to an island beach for a few moments. Will this drink get the party started? That sort of thing. Ray’s understanding of rare stones and the properties they possess inspired this idea of pairing particular jewels to classic cocktails. Here is my take.
My day isn’t over until I can unwind with a classic Martini. The healing properties of that ice-cold, clear deliciousness is a perfect match for this healing crystal. Whether you prefer the classic Gin version or a Vodka number, remember that a martini is all about dry vermouth. Buy a good one and keep it in the fridge. Here is my recipe for the ultimate martini:


3oz London Dry Gin or Premium Vodka
0.75oz Dry Vermouth
1 dash Orange Bitters
1 pinch salt (trust me!)
Place all ingredients in a mixing glass or cocktail shaker. Add ice and STIR (don’t shake) for 45 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass with a stem (can be a wine glass if necessary) Garnish by taking a piece of fresh lemon peel and squeezing, skin-side-out, into the glass. Add an olive or onion if you like. If you must make it dirty, add some olive brine but not too much.

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