New York Magazine voted Ray the best in New York:

As a young jeweler, Ray Griffiths was trained to make and repair intricate pieces of the British-peer variety. Thirty years later, he’s beyond expert at restoring vintage pieces and evaluating old stones for recutting. Nearly all work is done in-house, and he doesn’t automatically brush off small jobs. (Quotes start at $500.) Currently on his workbench: a damaged 1850s diamond-bow brooch, part of a suite belonging to a European family; a gem-encrusted fifties charm bracelet; and a grandmother’s engagement ring, on which he’s updating the setting and adding stones for a young fiancée. “It was $2,500 for the refurbish, and I gave her a ring worth around $15,000,” Griffiths says.”

Ray can bring your old and treasured pieces back to life or breathe new life into valuable jewelry that you no longer wear. Very few jewelers know as much about composition and jewelry design



Story of the restoration:


In-laws were immigrants and went through India on their travels and bought the Emerald with the little money he has left. Clients husband loves to tell the story of where it came from.


Long haul immigration. Diamonds from her original engagement ring. With the pendant Ray focused on the Emeralds to retain the emotional value of their family history. The “blob” necklace is inspired by one of her favorite artists.

“I cherished the memories evoked by my inherited jewelry but rarely wore them. The designs were just not me! Finding the right person to rework the pieces was challenging. Ray has proven to be a one-of-a-kind find. Upfront, he invested considerable time getting to know me—my taste, my lifestyle, the backstory behind each piece as well as soliciting “honest” feedback on initial ideas. His artistry, superb craftsmanship and innovative creative process turned treasured but unwearable jewelry pieces into unique highly wearable works of art.”



Story of the restoration:


Grandmother’s brooch and family heirloom was never worn by the client; turned this into an everyday bracelet.

“I had three pieces of antique and vintage family jewelry that needed repairing: a ring that had a missing ruby, a diamond ring that needed resizing, and a sapphire and diamond broach. These pieces had been worn by my grandmother, and were very special to me. I took them to Ray who was excited about them as I am! I don’t wear broaches so I asked Ray if he could turn it into a bracelet, and he made the most beautiful bracelet for me. His skill and craftsmanship meant that it turned better than I could have thought. He replaced the ruby in the first ring with great care and made sure it wouldn’t fall out again. He cleaned and resized the diamond ring and was able to tell me it was older than I thought.


He was so knowledgeable, friendly and delightful and the work he did was amazing. I was grateful that he took so much care with my pieces. I knew that they were in good hands!”



Story of the restoration:


Hand created remake in platinum of customers vintage engagement ring, this was a family heirloom so retaining the design of the original was key. The result is a flawless interpretation that will be loved and enjoyed for generations to come.


We are lucky we found Ray. When the setting on my grandmother’s engagement ring failed (and after saving a diamond from the sink), my wife and I knew we needed help.  Ray worked with us to create a beautiful new ring inspired by the original design using the original diamonds. The entire process was smooth and working with Ray was fun. Highly recommended!



Story of the restoration:


Client asked his fiancé for hand in marriage, rather than look for a ring she handed him her grandmothers original ring.  It was very aged, the main request for restoration was the original engraving was maintained.  The sides were rebuilt then the  head and finally the  diamond was stabilized.  The ring was laminated in 3 places and a new top was made for the center stone.

“Ray did an amazing job restoring my Grandma’s original engagement ring. My boyfriend (now fiancé!) knew I wanted my Grandma’s ring repaired and to be used as my engagement ring. I’m so glad he took it to Ray. The intricate engravings and quality of diamonds he choose are stunning. I’m so impressed with the job he did and am so happy I’ll be able to pass this ring down to my children.”



Story of the restoration:

Client came in with her Grandmothers loose stones and wanted a suite made with the pieces.  The pendant and earrings have an old world flavor with a modern edge.  The idea was to create something that looked like it could have been owned by her grandmother.  The triple diamond is what gives the design its commonality

I brought Ray some stones that were left to me by grandmother uncertain about what do with them.  After a brief consultation where Ray got to know my personality and style, he created the most provocative pendant and stunning earrings out of the stones.  The pieces he fashioned for me match my contemporary style but with a nod to the vintage bringing together both the world my grandmother lived in with the modern day lifestyle I lead.  MostIy I love that when I wear the jewelry I am able to feel a closeness to my grandmother as well as having a great story to share about the jewelry pieces when complimented – And I have been getting A LOT of compliments on these gorgeous wearable works of art.”



Story of the restoration:

Original ring was clients engagement ring from 30 years ago.  For her 30th anniversary she  wanted the crownwork style that Ray is known and loved for but was trying retain the height of the piece.  A model was built from scratch to showcase this gorgeous diamond and give the client the height she desired in her ring with a fresh and modern setting.

Story of the restoration:

Customers own coins – belonged to the clients husband mother and were passed down to wife.  Smaller coins were made in matching pair of earrings and pendant.  So Ray turned those into a crownwork set signet ring and matching pendant with the additional coin being offset into the chain.