Very few jewelers know as much about composition and jewelry design as Ray.


Owing to his unparalleled restoration skills, Griffiths is renowned as a “jewelry whisperer” who takes weathered jewelry and restores it to its youthful structure, sensuality and shine.

New York Magazine voted Ray the best in New York:

As a young jeweler, Ray Griffiths was trained to make and repair intricate pieces of the British-peer variety. Thirty years later, he’s beyond expert at restoring vintage pieces and evaluating old stones for recutting. Nearly all work is done in-house, and he doesn’t automatically brush off small jobs. (Quotes start at $500.)

Currently on his workbench: a damaged 1850s diamond-bow brooch, part of a suite belonging to a European family; a gem-encrusted fifties charm bracelet; and a grandmother’s engagement ring, on which he’s updating the setting and adding stones for a young fiancée.

“It was $2,500 for the refurbish, and I gave her a ring worth around $15,000,” Griffiths says.”

New York Magazine, 2011 Best of New York issue