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// to bring something together from different places or over a period of time
I am a collector at heart.  I love to collect beautiful things, I have a well curated collection of glassware and china.  I love to collect experiences.  And, naturally given the nature of my work I love to collect jewelry. In particular, I love to make beautiful rings that reflect and celebrate times in my life.
This ring collection represents a time between 1980 and 1995 when I was living and designing in  Australia.  The lapis with cabriole shoulders still speaks to me daily, the square rings I always have worn stacked together on my left hand and the braided ring still remains a really strong looking ring to me.  These are all my oldies but goldies.
The next group of rings represent me finding my way in New York when I was just getting started and flirting with different techniques.  I did a lot of antique scroll work, I still love the classic nature of them and the way they feel.  I absolutely love the big hammered ball pain ring that is nice and masculine, we made this from a melted ingot that we rolled up into a freeform shape.  One of the reasons I love working with gold so much is that you can melt it down easily and turn it into something else with some love and attention, its a  great metaphor for life.
The final group represents me finding my signature, the crownwork®.  I toyed around with it as a design concept while I was in Australia but really worked on it as my design technique after being in New York for around a year. I love to make myself at least one signature ring a year and the design is usually born from a stone that I fall in love with.   The Sapphire, Opal and Garnet rings are great examples of this,  these were all stones I discovered in Tucson and they spoke to me immediately.
The regency ring series was born from a champagne diamond ring I dreamed up for myself then launched the design into the collection.
Collecting something you love and cherish is good for the soul,  these objects become reservoirs for memories and come to represent a moment or experience in life.
Click here to start the conversation with me about how I can help add to your collection of life’s moments.   I love to bring new life to unworn jewels, design something custom for you or just help find the next piece for you collection from mine.










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Sapphire Engagement Ring – A Love Story.

This is a photo of an 18k yellow gold 10mm Crownwork claw set Blue Sapphire ring with pave diamond surround

Sapphires are an excellent choice for an alternative engagement ring because their hardness and durability, meaning the stone—like our love—will last a lifetime 🙂 Of course, that’s no excuse to be reckless with the most important piece of jewelry in your life!

This is a guest blog post written by Matilda Moore – Digital Content Creator for Ray Griffiths Fine Jewlery. 

Memorial Day 2023 will mark ten years since my husband proposed to me on the dock of Lake Henry, PA!

Ten years of wearing my amazing (looks brand new) 18k yellow gold claw set blue sapphire ring with pave diamond surround. Ray sourced the perfect sapphire from Sri Lanka and set the stone in his signature crownwork® collet allowing its beauty to shine through and the pave diamond surround gives it that sense of tradition. To say I love it would be an understatement.

Click here to see my ring hot off the jewelry bench.

This is a photo of a 18k Yeloow gold ring with blue sapphire and pave diamond surround

I’ve always been drawn to blue sapphires as I am a bit of a royalist. Blue Sapphires are a favorite gemstone of the British Royal Family. It has been used to represent love and holds much sentiment many in the royal family. Sapphires have adorned many royal crowns, gowns, jewelry and robes for as long as I can remember.

Click here to learn more about Sapphires – the Stone of Royalty.

Sapphires have been known to symbolize wisdom, nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness–a meaningful combination for an engagement ring. It’s this type of romantic connotation that has persevered into modern times. The blue color of sapphires symbolizes loyalty, trust, and sincerity. Today, sapphire engagement rings are as popular as ever and make a timeless choice when making an engagement. This ring style is also available in different stones, here are examples of the ring with a gorgeous claw set yellow sapphire, juicy Cambodian zircon in a bezel setting and claw set green tourmaline. 

This is a photo of an 18k yellow gold 10mm Crownwork bezel set Yellow Sapphire ring with pave diamond surround

This is a photo of an 18k yellow gold 10mm Crownwork bezel set Green Tourmaline ring with pave diamond surround

Jewelry is Rays love language  – Click here to set up a consultation with Ray and discuss your own love story!

Matilda & Andrew Moore. May, 2013

Matilda & Andrew Moore May, 2013

Matilda & Andrew Moore May, 2013










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North South Cocktail Rings

  On my way to the gem show all I could think about was big juicy stones and color for spring after what had felt like a long drab winter so color excited me.
As the warmth of the Tucson sun thawed me out I just ran to the color at every place I saw it so we purchased Melee (small calibrated sizes) in lots of color and when I returned to New York I spread out the stones all over the white bench tops in my studio and moved things around like a gemmy puzzle around until I got colors that pop to me.


Whilst was doing this I felt an urge for classic ring forms to pair with the warmth of the color combined, my normal east west designs I use (and love) gave way to a feeling of north south rings and the drawing of the ring started.  I love the way these ring hug and elongate the finger whilst giving a fabulous pop of color.










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Q&A with Ray – All about Diamonds

What is a lab grown diamond/natural diamond?

A natural diamond is created by the heat and pressure in the earth’s core, they move their way up over millions of years to the earth’s surface – they are carbon molecules that become cubic minerals. A lab grown diamond is a near instantaneous modern version of the same thing. It has the same composition but it’s “in the image of” and doesn’t have the natural unique qualities that a natural diamond has.

Which do you recommend?

They both serve their purpose – I personally prefer natural diamonds. I have worked with them all my life and there is always something special about stones the earth has created. You should work with whatever stone speaks to you and that is within your budget. If you see a lab grown diamond that works for you, then that’s the one that was meant for you!

Will lab grown diamonds wear out or yellow over time or are they the same as natural diamonds?

They have the same chemical composition and they will go the distance, just like a natural diamond.

What is the prettiest cut in your opinion?

I love so many of them! Its always so hard to pick a favorite or the prettiest. If I had to choose one to work with today it would be a 3-4 carat cushion cut, it is elegant and timeless and will always retain its value.

How do I choose an ethical stone? I don’t know where to start

Canadian and Australian diamonds are ethical because of the way they’ve set up the mines. The most important thing is to be able to trace the source of origin, the certification of the stone will be able to tell you that. Having vintage diamonds recut is also a fabulous way to be kind to the earth and ethical at the same time. 

Can you help me source a diamond for my engagement ring?

Absolutely! I studied diamond technology and know everything about the structure of diamonds. I have spent my life working with these gorgeous stones. Click here so we can start a conversation, I can work within all budgets. 

Do you recommend ordering a diamond online? (Brilliant Earth, Blue Nile)

I think it’s better to go somewhere where you’re going to get an education on the stones – I like to get multiple stones for a client and then I give them a loupe to look at them each closely so  I can explain each stone thoroughly. It’s educational, personal and helps you to connect to the stone.

What are some common misconceptions about diamonds?

People often look and adhere to the four C’s – color, cut, clarity, and carat when referencing diamonds. But sometimes you can find a really beautiful one that’s got a lower grade because of an inclusion, but that inclusion that lowered the grade could be right on the very side of the stone that with the right design you can barely see when its set. You can get more bang for your buck!

What are some fun facts about diamonds?

For me, I  love that they are the hardest atomic structure on the planet. They are also the most simple atomic structure. Diamonds are cubic and the speed at which they transmit the light through the mineral is what makes them sparkle so much and that makes them beautiful. The speed of light makes them shine.

What are black diamonds?

Black diamonds are diamonds that nature exposed to other chemicals (graphite, pyrite or hematite) in their formation. They used to use black diamonds to produce the needles for record players! They wouldn’t get worn out after use.

Should I care about the fluorescence in a diamond?

I personally like fluorescence, it gives them a bit of a personality because under a black light it glows. I think it’s one of nature’s great tricks! 

I have some diamonds in old heirloom jewelry. Can you pull these and make me something new?

Absolutely! Depending on their size and condition, it’s easy to reuse diamonds for many things. I love to work with clients to make the perfect new piece for them out of things they no longer wear or have inherited.  I have shared a few of my favorite diamond transformations with you below.

This ring is the perfect blend of something old and something new. The clients’ grandmother gifted a 1 carat diamond earring each to he and his brother to use in rings for their future brides. Our client’s girlfriend had her heart set on an oval ring and we had a 1 carat round to work with. Ray stalked her social media to get a sense of her style and then designed this ring that features the family heirloom and blends that with her amazing style. The ring now has a name “Lady Di” and its own hashtag on Instagram.

The stone in the pendant came from our client’s grandmother’s ring and was surrounded by diamonds. She and her sister split all their grandmother’s jewelry and she brought the pieces she didn’t wear to us. We made a beautiful solitaire Crownwork® pendant and then a pair of stick earrings and circle earrings with the surrounding diamonds. We recycled the gold and incorporated that into all the pieces too. New life for family heirlooms!

This client had a big diamond ring she was no longer wearing, she wanted to use the diamonds for a versatile everyday piece. We pulled the diamonds from the ring and set them in an 18k yellow gold Crownwork® pendant in oxidized silver to make them really pop.

The client had a big pair of diamond earrings that she wasn’t wearing, she saw our 18k yellow gold Crownwork® pinky rings at a trunk show and fell in love.

We made her a pinky ring using one of the diamonds and set it with a black diamond halo for extra dramatic effect.


We have shared lots of custom & restoration stories and wedding stories, I love working on these projects.


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I worked with enameling in my designs years ago and recently fell back in love with it.

Enameling has very strong historical design references, it has been used throughout jewelry history dating back to ancient times.  Many cultures have been using enameling for thousands of years dating back to 1300 BC.

Making the enamel involves mixing flux and ground glass then melting it at a high temperature.  It can be extremely difficult to work with and control, our enamelist has years of experience and is a highly skilled artisan.  She uses multiple firings to build up the layers and create the bold, fun colors I love to work with.

Plique-a-jour enameling is hand painted onto the crownwork® in layers so that the color shines through the work.

Opaque enameling is baked into a channel built into the design.


Enameling brings a beautiful unblemished permanent color to my the jewels, it doesn’t soften over time and will look the same 100 years from now.

I love the vitreous sheen of the enamel in the jewelry juxtaposed with the polished stones.











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Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

I love a bit of color all year round but when Spring arrives you start to see it popping up all around you –  in nature, on restaurant menus and back into peoples style!

Spring is all about new beginnings and transformations; it’s a season that symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. After months of cold temperatures that often result in many of us feeling the winter blues, spring reawakens us and our surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life.

Spring is conveniently just after the world renowned Tuscon Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase and it’s my annual opportunity to stock up on colorful, rare and enchanting gems. I’ve been attending the showcase for over 30 years and it’s one of my favorite times of year to catch up with the dealers as well as other jewelers to share our finds. It’s like a time portal, a trip around the world, and a treasure hunt all rolled into one!

Lately I’ve been drawn to the organic, raw beauty of certain stones, I just love the rich natural color. This Spring my earring collection has some stunning carved pieces such as carnelian, chalcedony as well as some interesting shapes in varying colors of agate.

Another favorite that comes with Spring is the longer, warmer days and evenings which makes it enjoyable to wander, explore and get inspiration from the city around me. The city is quite literally blooming from the cherry blossoms in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, the Orchid Show at the New York Botanic Gardens and the new seasonal produce at the Farmers Markets. Everything around me is an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing!

Click here for all our fun spring jewelry










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Chic Mothers Day Gifts

Chic Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Jewelry is always the perfect gift, its something to be loved and cherished for years to come.  Below are some classic pieces that are great choices for all busy mamas.

The gold coin fringe necklace features Octopus Of Syracuse coins, it lays beautifully and is perfect as a layering piece or on its own.

This is an image of turquoise tassel earrings

The turquoise tassels are the perfect, fun, pop of color in an earring.

This is my take on a modern pearl, the diamond at the end is a very chic exclamation point!

These lavender sapphires really spoke to me, setting them in the oxidized silver gives a rich, strong look.

A gold link bracelet is a must in every jewelry wardrobe.  Never goes out of style and works with everything.

This is the pear shaped version of our classic pendant, the crisp color tone in the green citrine is perfect for Spring.

These crownwork® spear earrings are a great everyday gold earring with an edge.

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, perfect for all mamas 😉

Our all time best selling earring, looks amazing on everyone.  The blue jeans of earrings.

A gold cigar band with pave diamonds is classic.  Very comfortable and looks fab.

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Holiday Gifting

Holiday Gift Guide

This is a photo of two women wearing bracelets and rings

We all need a little sparkle in our lives, here are our suggestions to add a little more to yours (and your loved ones)



Give the gift of a future heirloom


         Baby its Gold Outside

One of a Kind

Life is too short for boring jewels


For the King or Queen in your Life

Pendant Party

Spread some holiday charm


Pearls are always appropriate

Under $3000

All jewels are created equal

Arm Party

Stack em up!

Rare Gems

Special gems selected by Ray

Want to give the gift of Ray but not sure what to give?!?!?

We have that covered too… here for a gift card or here to book an appointment with Ray (virtual or in person)


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2023 Hint List

This is a visual still of our 2023 holiday hint list for fine jewelry


This Holiday Hint List for jewelry is your golden ticket to gifting success.

Holiday Party

Spread joy, sparkle, and a lot of luxury to your loved ones – because the holidays are all about making memories that shine forever!

Crownwork ® Link & Oxidized Silver Bracelet

This is an image of an Ethiopian opal pendant on a detachable gold bale so it can be work on anything

Ethiopian Opal Pendant

Crystal Quartz Egg Pendant

This is an image of a multicolored pearl necklace with gold accents

Multicolored Pearl Necklace

This is a photo of the 18k YG crownwork huggie earrings with pave diamonds

Diamond Huggies

Green Sapphire Ring

This is a photo of an 18k yellow gold crownwork snake ring with Tsavorite eyes

Snake Ring with Emerald Eyes

Gold Double Drop Hoops

Pale Pink double wrap Necklace

This is a photo of our pink zircon earrings bezel set on hooks with blush pearl drops

Pink Zircon & Pearl Earrings

Green Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Crownwork Link Bracelet



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My Creative Podcast

Ray sat down with our old office manager Cindy Cauley for her podcast “My Creative Podcast” to talk about the power of creativity and imagination.  Some of our favorite quotes from this chat are:

“I Learned from a young age that craft has value”

“What could be better than a career that brings people joy and happiness”

“One of my biggest accomplishments is my sheer bravado, I up and moved to New York at 41 and made it happen”

“Extrapolating the personality of the wearer and making something just for them is one of my favorite things to do”

To listen to this fabulous conversation on your favorite podcast platform click here 

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Fall Floral Arrangement


It is best to arrange dried flowers in groups, rather than individually by the stem. 


Start with your largest bunch of flowers. This dried babies breath is perfect for holding all the other flowers and grasses in place. I cut the stem accordingly and placed it directly inside my vase.


Next, add another grouping of large flowers. I kept the eucalyptus stems together and tucked them into the dried babies breath branches.


Add the rest of your dried flowers to the arrangement. I placed the pampas grass stems on one side and allowed them to sort of cascade down. I added a few stems of the bunny tails and white nigella to the front of the arrangement and places where I felt the bouquet needed some texture and interest.

Pro tip spray your pampas grass with hairspray to prevent shedding.

Big thanks to Modern Glam for the tips on the perfect arrangement

” There are no rules here! You can also add some fresh flowers (orchids, hydrangea or dahlias) and rotate them out seasonally with anything you find at the market”

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Pave Party

Pave Party

This is one of my all time jewelry stone setting techniques.  The term is derived from the french word PAVE, which literally means “to pave”.   The inspiration for this is the cobble stone streets of Europe.

Small stones are set across the metal in the piece which allows me to blanket the jewelry in color (something I love).Emerald pave signet ring

The pattern for the stones is worked out on the metal to hold the stones into place.  I love setting the stones in oxidized silver, it gives a rich body of color and a powerful effect overall.  Its an old jewelry technique that works well with my crownwork®.

Yellow Sapphire Pendant


Working with Pave is where I can play and have fun with the stones, I often sit at my bench with bags of small stones I have picked up in Tuscon and move them all around like puzzle pieces until I get the right combination.


The stones are set deeply into the oxidized silver so the jewelry is beautiful and durable.  Click the video below for more of my thoughts on all things Pave.












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Fun to design and fun to wear, when I am making pendants I like to take my time and really think them through.  Matching the perfect stone(s) to the perfect setting.  I sit at my desk with the settings and pull out my stones, its like a fabulous & sparkly puzzle.

Three of my latest favorite creations to pop out of my brain are all so different but could easily be worn together.

Light pink and dark pink sapphire pendant

Moonstone and diamond pendant

Pink sapphire and diamond pendant

There are so many ways to wear pendants, they are the ultimate mix and match jewel.  They are amazing on their own, stacked with some friends, layered together.  So perfect to collect and treasure.

I always make my pieces on a detachable bail so they can be put on lots of different chains and played with in infinite ways, they can also be clipped onto your bracelets for the ultimate charm.   That is a whole other story that you can read about here.  Have fun and play with your jewels, I certainly have a lot of fun making them.











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Tucson Treasures

One of my favorite things to do every year is hit up the gem show in Tucson, the main show they have in Feb was cancelled but there was a smaller version last week that I went to.  As well as finding beautiful stones to work with I am forever inspired by the incredible bounty mother nature provides.


These stunning stones are all snapped up by the museums, they look like something dropped into the earth by aliens.

The Dinosaur bones are breathtaking and always a highlight, the dealer sources them cleans them up and then reassembles them in steel frames to hold them all together.  They are breathtaking and a real highlight to my trip every year.

The real reason I go is to find the stones that speak to me for new jewels, I really do run across rooms when something catches my eye.  These are the gems I brought back with me and I can’t wait to start creating with them.

I found a whole slew of fabulous new beads to make bracelets and necklaces with.

On the left is Prehnite and the right is Aquamarine.  The extra sparkle comes from Titanium coating.

On the left is Aragonite and the right is  Natural Moss Aqua

Natural Moss Emerald

Natural Butterscotch Amber, all one of a kind beads.

I also found these amazing Sonoran Turquoise pieces, I love the combination of the blue and green together.  So dreamy, it has a rich warm organic feel.  I cant wait to make some gorgeous rings and pendants with these beauties.

This Petrified Wood is going to be cut into amazing drops for statement earrings.


This pink sapphire is the perfect example of a stone that just spoke to me, the color and the cut are so crisp and clean.  Not sure what I am going to do with this beauty yet.











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Easter Inspired Jewels

Easter Eggs can be eaten with your eyes also, here is some of our favorite easter eye candy.

Medium Crownwork® Egg Huggie Stud Earrings

Large Crownwork® Egg Huggie Stud Earrings

Large Crownwork® Egg Huggie Pearl Cluster Stud Earrings

Crownwork® Olive Triple Drop Earrings

Plique a Jour Enamel Acorn Pendant

Crystal Quartz Egg Pendant

Olive Chain and Crownwork® Olive Drop Earrings

Eosite Drop Earrings

Asymmetrical Burmese Jade-Albite Ring

Turquoise Sapphire and Diamond Regency Ring








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Spring Pastel Jewels

Spring is here!

For me, Spring is a celebration of the rebirth of nature and I love watching all the trees and plants come to life and explode from the earth.  It is the perfect time to break out the pastel jewel tones.  I love the mottling colors and imperfections of the stones I am drawn to at this time of year.

The stones that I love to work with also have the properties and feel good factor that we all need as we move into this fresh new season.  Opals bring love and peace; Chalcedony brings vitality and energy; Chrysoprase brings joy and abundance; Turquoise brings wisdom and balance & Coral is a beautiful organic gift from the ocean.

Here are some of my favorite pastel  jewels

Angel Wing Coral BraceletBlue Topaz BraceletChrysoprase Bracelet

Turquoise Earrings Pink Opal and Chalcedony Drop Earrings – Guava Agate Drop Earrings

Pink Opal NecklacePeach Moonstone Triple Wrap Tumbled Chalcedony Necklace

Chalcedony East West RingPeach Zircon and Dimond RingOpal East West Ring


Piling on the pastel jewels in Spring is exactly what we all need right now as we emerge from the past 12 months and move forward into this new world.

xo Ray




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Delicata Squash & Arugula Salad

One of my favorite things about fall is the variety of squash to play with,  my current favorite is Delicata, they are so easy to prepare and so delicious.  I wanted to share this simple recipe that is perfect as a side or on its own.

This serves 2 people so just adjust the amounts for your needs

  • Delicata Squash
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & pepper
  • Crushed Red Pepper
  • Lemon
  • Maple Syrup
  • Flat Parsley
  • Arugula
  • Goats Cheese


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and cover a baking tray with foil.

Grab your Squash and cut the ends off, then cut in half down the middle.  Scoop all the seeds and guts out and throw away.

Slice the two halves into slices at whatever thickness you desire.  They look like cute little half circles.

Throw this into a bowl and splash enough olive oil to coat and sprinkle with salt, pepper and red pepper to taste.

Throw these onto your baking tray and put them in the oven for 20 mins, after 20 mins take them out and shake them around a bit then squeeze half the lemon over them and give them another shake to coat before throwing them back in the oven for another 15 minutes.  Take them out again and drizzle them with a little maple syrup then back in the oven for another 7 minutes to caramelize a little.

They should be slightly crisp but still soft.  Put your arugula in a bowl, roughly chop the flat lead parsley and add in, squeeze the other lemon half over this then add in the roasted squash whilst still warm and top with crumbled goats cheese.






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Pave Sapphire Crownwork® Wide Bands

These rings are one of my latest designs and I love the pure simplicity of them, they are the perfect way to wear some fabulous bling on your finger every day.

They measure just a little over 3/4 of an inch in length and width and sit comfortably just under the knuckle

 I designed this ring so the curve starts at the base and lifts up off the finger at the top to accommodate the faceted stones, there is also a beautiful smooth frame around the stonework.  The stones vary in size and are set in oxidized silver to give them an additional pop.  The band is my 18k yellow gold crownwork® of course.

Click here for more details on these beauties in green and orange sapphire, they can be made in any color sapphire or diamonds you desire to order.  The current production time is 3-4 weeks.  Hit that contact us button on this page to start the conversation.





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Classic Bezel Set Earrings

My all time favorite, classic earrings are these bezel set beauties that I make in all shapes, sizes and stones.

They drape so beautifully on the ear.  The hook is made of 18k spring gold so its high tensile, easy to get on and off and helps the earring hang directly underneath the earlobe.  It also pulls the earring in so it sits tight.  No matter where you see it from (side, back, front) the earrings are translucent and you can appreciate the full beauty and detail of the earring and stone.

The rounds come in 10mm, 12mm & 14mm.  The 12mm is the perfect “starter earring” and my all time best seller.

The squares come in 9mm, 12mm & 14mm.

The rectangle come in 10x14mm & 13x18mm

The pear shapes come in 12x16mm & 13x18mm

My classic stones are all listed below, I work mostly in 18k yellow gold.  It’s my favorite metal to work with.  Everything can be made to order in white gold also if that is your jam.

Click here to see more of these beauties, these are usually made to order and take around 2-3 weeks.








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Pinky Rings

Pinky rings are the unsung hero of the jewelry world, they pack a stylish punch and are an essential part of every jewelry collection.

My love affair with them started early in life, I am left handed and very dyslexic so I had trouble with left from right. My mother gave me a little pinky ring to wear on my left hand when I was a young boy and whenever I was confused I would reach down and feel that ring to get my bearings. So for me a pinky ring has been an anchor throughout my life.

They also have a fascinating history, in Victorian times single women and men uninterested in pursuing marriage would wear one on their left hand. Later in the US they were beloved by the Mafia (many thought this was so they could be sold to pay for funeral expenses in case of untimely death).

Today pinky rings are embraced as a symbol of self love. You can wear them with initials, birth stones, family heirloom stone or just your favorite gem.

I am having a serious moment of making these gorgeous rings, click here to see all the fabulous pinky rings currently available. I can also make something to order for you, shoot me an email if you have something in mind.


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Behind the Design – The Drawing

Every designer has their own process for designing, we thought you might like a little peek at Ray’s.  Ray studied technical drawing at college, so he draws all his designs in Plan and Elevation (which is a traditional drafting technique).  “That’s how I get to see a piece in 3D inside my head, because I see it from all sides”

 Whether it’s a new ring, link, earring or pendant for the collection or a custom piece or engagement ring.

Every piece of jewelry starts off with a simple drawing that began its life inside Ray’s head.


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Rare & Beautiful

Manon Crespi sat down with Ray at the Couture jewelry show in Vegas and talked all things jewelry for her incredible You Tube series Rare & Beautiful.  Manon is a fabulous writer, jewelry aficionado, model (we have created some beautiful images with her in the past) and most of all very good friend of Ray’s.  Their chemistry and love for jewels shines through in this fabulous conversation.


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Classic Cocktails and Classic Jewels

We have teamed up with one our dear friends and the beverage director for the Bowery Group NY (Cookshop, Vics, Shuka & Rosies) Tim Harris to bring you a series of classic cocktails paired with classic jewelry.

We are focusing on pairing the healing properties of the stone in the jewels with the feel good factors of the drinks. Helping us all to feel a little better from the inside out.

Kicking it all off is Clear Quartz, known as the master healing stone. It protects against negativity and helps to attune to the higher self.

Take it away Tim….

Ray and I have known each other since 2008. In that time I have been making cocktails for Ray and Ray has made some beautiful pieces for me and my extended family and friends including our wedding bands and my wife’s engagement ring.

I can’t speak to Ray’s creative process but when I’m creating cocktails, I often think beyond how drinks taste or look, and focus on how they can make you FEEL. EG Does a Manhattan give you confidence? Can a tropical drink transport you to an island beach for a few moments. Will this drink get the party started? That sort of thing. Ray’s understanding of rare stones and the properties they possess inspired this idea of pairing particular jewels to classic cocktails. Here is my take.

My day isn’t over until I can unwind with a classic Martini. The healing properties of that ice-cold, clear deliciousness is a perfect match for this healing crystal. Whether you prefer the classic Gin version or a Vodka number, remember that a martini is all about dry vermouth. Buy a good one and keep it in the fridge. Here is my recipe for the ultimate martini:


3oz London Dry Gin or Premium Vodka

0.75oz Dry Vermouth

1 dash Orange Bitters

1 pinch salt (trust me!)

Place all ingredients in a mixing glass or cocktail shaker. Add ice and STIR (don’t shake) for 45 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass with a stem (can be a wine glass if necessary) Garnish by taking a piece of fresh lemon peel and squeezing, skin-side-out, into the glass. Add an olive or onion if you like. If you must make it dirty, add some olive brine but not too much.

Click here to see some of our current classic quartz favorites.

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Color Therapy

I have been reading about color therapy and the idea that colors create electrical impulses in our brains that can either calm or stimulate us.  This concept dates back to ancient Egyptians who used sun activated solarium rooms constructed with colored glass for therapeutic purpose.
Here are some of my favorite color combos