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This is an image of stacker bands in various birth stones
Welcome to our comprehensive guide to birthstones! Birthstones have been cherished for centuries for their beauty and symbolic significance.
Each birthstone is believed to possess unique qualities that can influence the life and destiny of those born in that month. These gemstones are used in jewelry to celebrate one’s birth and bring good luck.

March – Aquamarine

This is a photo of a raw piece of Aquamarine gemstone

As winter starts to fade away, March blooms with the promise of spring, bringing forth not only blossoming flowers but also a gemstone as mesmerizing as the tranquil sea – Aquamarine. Known for its serene blue hue reminiscent of the clear ocean waters, Aquamarine holds a special place in the hearts of those born in this transitional month.

Aquamarine derives its name from the Latin words aqua marina, meaning water of the sea, a fitting description for its soothing blue color. This gemstone belongs to the beryl family, alongside emeralds, and is cherished for its clarity and transparency. This is a classic necklace style of Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry using naturally tumbled aquamarine beads paired with 18k Yellow Gold crownwork® olives is contrasting sizes. 

This is a photo of a luscious aquamarine beaded necklace with 18k yellow gold olive beads

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Aquamarine carries symbolism and significance deeply rooted in various cultures. It is often associated with tranquility, courage, and clarity of mind. Its calming energy is believed to promote harmony and inner peace, making it a cherished gemstone for meditation and spiritual practices. Aquamarine is also thought to inspire truthfulness and communication, fostering open and honest dialogue in relationships.

This is a product image for a pair of light blue sapphire earrings with long aquamarine drops

While Aquamarine is most commonly known for its serene blue hue, it can exhibit a range of shades from pale pastels to deeper blues. Its versatility allows for a myriad of jewelry designs, from necklaces to beautiful drop earrings and our everyday wearable stretch bracelets.

This is a photo of an aquamarine beaded stretch bracelet with small 18k yellow gold crownwork finial

Aquamarine is also the traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary. Click here to view our feature in the March 2024 edition of National Jeweler Magazine

February – Amethyst

This is a photo of a raw amethyst gemstone

February, a month synonymous with love, valentines, and chilly winter days, has a gemstone that perfectly captures its essence – the amethyst. With its enchanting purple hues, this birthstone is a timeless symbol of tranquility, wisdom, and sobriety.

Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, derives its name from the Greek word amethystos, meaning not intoxicated. Ancient Greeks believed that wearing amethyst could protect one from drunkenness, making it a popular choice among those who enjoyed a good feast. Today, it continues to be a favorite gem for those born in February.

This is a photo of a amethyst gemstone set in an 18k yellow gold crownwork pendant

One of the most striking features of amethyst is its regal purple color. Ranging from delicate lilac to deep violet, amethyst’s shades are as diverse as the personalities born in the month of February. This mesmerizing color is said to represent royalty and nobility, making it an ideal choice for those who want to feel like kings and queens, even on an ordinary day. As I always say jewelry is meant to be worn!

This is a photo of a pair of amethyst tassle earrings

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, amethyst is also associated with various metaphysical properties. Known as the stone of spirituality and contentment, amethyst is believed to enhance one’s intuition and provide a sense of calmness. Some even claim that it helps in achieving a restful night’s sleep, making it the perfect gem for those who need a little extra relaxation in their lives. 

Click here to explore more in the amethyst collection. Let’s go shopping! 



January – Garnet

This is a photo of a raw garnet gemstone


Hello gemstone enthusiasts and January babies! If your birthday falls within the frosty embrace of the first month of the year, you’re in for a treat—Garnet is here to steal the spotlight as the January birthstone! Garnet is also the zodiac stone for Aries, Leo and Libras. It is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for the 2nd year.

Now, before you start picturing a bunch of little red fruits hanging from a tree, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why garnet is so special.

Shades of Love

First off, garnets are not just a one-shade wonder. While the most common hue is a deep, romantic red, these gemstones come in a kaleidoscope of colors, ranging from vibrant oranges to lush greens. It’s like a love affair with the entire spectrum!

Time Travel with History

If garnets could talk, they’d have an epic tale to tell. Historically, these gemstones have been used as protective talismans by warriors and travelers. They were believed to bring good fortune and ensure a safe journey. Imagine wearing a piece of jewelry that’s seen more adventures than your favorite action movie hero!

Energy Boosters

Need a little pick-me-up during the chilly winter months? Garnets are said to boost energy and revitalize the wearer. So, if you find yourself in need of an extra dose of motivation to stick to those New Year’s resolutions, maybe a garnet accessory is just what the doctor ordered (or, you know, what the gemologist recommended). It’s said to bring strength, good health, and even protect you from nightmares. 

This is a photo of a tumbled garnet beaded necklace with small gold finials with white T-shirt and denim jacket

Affordable Elegance

One of the best things about garnets is that they manage to strike a perfect balance between affordability and elegance. So, whether you’re a January baby treating yourself or someone looking for a thoughtful gift, garnet won’t break the bank but will certainly steal the heart.

So, there you have it—a brief journey into the delightful world of January birthstones. Garnets, with their kaleidoscopic beauty and rich history, are here to add a touch of warmth to the frosty month. Embrace the hues, wear them proudly, and let the world know that January babies are as vibrant and unique as their birthstone! Cheers to the Garnet Galore!

December – Turquoise, Tanzanite & Zircon

This is a photo of Turquoise in its natural form

This is a photo of Tanzanite in its natural form

This is a photo of Zircon in its natural form


December, a month brimming with holiday cheer and the promise of a new year, is adorned with not one, but three enchanting birthstones that capture the essence of winter’s magic. Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon come together in a symphony of blue hues, each with its unique charm and significance.

Turquoise: Timeless Tranquility

Known for its distinctive robin’s egg blue color, Turquoise has been cherished for centuries for its calming and protective properties. Believed to bring good fortune and strength, this opaque gemstone has adorned the jewelry of ancient civilizations and continues to be a popular choice today. Turquoise reflects the crisp, clear winter sky, making it a perfect birthstone for those born in December. Turquoise is also the traditional gift for the 11th wedding anniversary.

Turquoise has been mined in the Nishapur district of Iran for more than 1,000 years. The prized even-colored, intense blue turquoise from this region is dubbed robin’s egg blue, sky blue and Persian blue. Trade professionals now use these terms to describe turquoise of this color – regardless of the source.

Closer to home in Arizona AZ, the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine is one of the most well known producers of turquoise in the world. Arizona’s Sleeping Beauty mine was a prolific producer for more than four decades. Increased government regulations and mining costs led to the mine’s closure in 2012. Since then, the price for Sleeping Beauty turquoise has risen significantly and become very sought after. 

This is a photo of an 18k yellow gold crownwork ring with Sonaoran Turquoise gemstone

This is a photo of a pair of 18k yellow gold 10mm Crownwork bezel set turquoise earrings on teardrop posts

Tanzanite: Radiant Elegance

A relative newcomer to the world of gemstones, Tanzanite has swiftly become a sought-after choice for December birthdays. Its deep blue-violet hues evoke the wintry twilight sky, radiating a sense of elegance and sophistication. Discovered in Tanzania in the 1960s, Tanzanite is prized for its rarity and unique color-changing ability, displaying different shades depending on the viewing angle.

Tanzanite is also known to bring composure, poise and harmony and is also the traditional gem gifted for the 24th wedding anniversary.


This is a photo of an 18k yellow gold Crownwork Edwardian ring with prong set tanzanite center and pave diamond surround in oxidized silver


Zircon: Sparkling Brilliance

Zircon, available in an array of colors, is often found in stunning shades of blue, making it a fitting gemstone for the winter month. Its brilliance and fire make it a captivating choice for jewelry, symbolizing the clarity and honesty associated with those born in December. Zircon has been used as a talisman for travelers, ensuring safe journeys and promoting wisdom. Zircon is the oldest mineral on earth, the name comes from the Persian word ‘zargun’ which means ‘gold colored’, although they come in a variety of colors.

This is a photo of an 18k yellow gold Crownwork cocktail ring with a bezel set cushion cut golden zircon with pave diamond surround in oxidized silver

This is a photo of a pair of 18k yellow gold 15mm Crownwork ball earrings on teardrop top posts with natural cambodian zircon center stone and pave champagne diamonds in oxidized silver

Whether you’re drawn to the tranquil charm of Turquoise, the radiant elegance of Tanzanite, or the sparkling brilliance of Zircon, December birthstones offer a spectrum of choices for those celebrating birthdays during this festive month. As you explore the world of these enchanting gems, consider incorporating them into your jewelry collection or gifting them to loved ones.

Click here to view the collection.


November – Citrine & Topaz

November babies are fortunate to have not one, but two dazzling birthstones to choose from – citrine and topaz. These gems embody the warmth and vibrancy of the fall season, making them the perfect choice for those born in this cozy and contemplative month.

This is a photo of the gemstone citrine in its natural, raw form

Citrine: The Golden ‘Ray’ of Sunshine.

Citrine, often referred to as the “sunshine gem,” is a variety of quartz known for its sunny yellow and golden hues. Its name was derived from the French word Citron which means lemon. It’s a stone associated with positive energy, joy, and clarity. Citrine is believed to promote good fortune, prosperity, and creativity. Its vibrant color has earned it the nickname “the merchant’s stone,” as it is thought to attract wealth and abundance.

This is a photo of a pair of gold crownwork and citrine drop earrings

One of the fascinating aspects of citrine is that it doesn’t accumulate negative energy, making it a gem that encourages positivity and optimism. Whether worn as jewelry or displayed in your home, citrine can help brighten your life with its cheerful energy.

This is a photo of an 18K yellow gold Crownwork cocktail ring with large Madeira Citrine worn on the finger

The colors of the stone can range from a very pale yellow, almost green in color, to a stronger deep often smoky yellow.

Click here to shop citrine throughout my collection

This is a photo of the gemstone blue topaz in its natural raw form This is a photo of the gemstone white topaz in its natural raw form

Topaz, on the other hand, offers a diverse palette of colors. While blue topaz is the most common variety and one of my favorites to create with. Some ancient cultures also believed that topaz could dispel darkness and sorrow, filling its wearer’s life with warmth and light.

This is a photo of a gold crownwork bracelet with pear shaped blue topaz stones

Topaz is said to have various healing properties, such as boosting confidence, promoting emotional balance, and enhancing communication skills. The ancient Egyptians believed that topaz could protect against harm and even provide invisibility in times of need. Whether you’re looking for a gem that symbolizes love, passion, or hope, topaz has a shade to match every sentiment.

This is a photo of 18k yellow gold Crownwork bezel set emerald cut white topaz earrings on teardrop top posts with 12mm, 9mm + 7mm cascading white topaz drops and triple diamond drops

As November rolls around, those celebrating their birthdays have a choice of two beautiful birthstones to choose from, each with its unique charm and symbolism. So, embrace the vibrancy of November with these stunning birthstones, and let them bring joy and positivity into your life.

Click here to peruse Topaz jewels

October  – Opal & Tourmaline

This is a photo of a natural piece of raw opal stone


 The month when the leaves start to turn fiery shades of red and gold, and pumpkins grace our doorsteps. But did you know that October has not one, but two birthstones? Opal and Tourmaline are the stars of the show this month, and I love using these beauties when I am designing jewelry.

Opal is the traditional birthstone for October, but in 1812 the National Association of Jewelers began including tourmaline so we are lucky to have two diverse and captivating gemstones to work with this month. 

I have an interesting history with opals, Australia produces 95% of the worlds opals so they are the unofficial national stone of my homeland. I suffered “opal trauma” for many years of my career. In the first month of my apprenticeship with a fine jewelry house in Melbourne, Australia. I was handed a beautiful cabochon opal. As I pinched it between my fingers it fired out of my hand, dropped to the floor and and it shattered to pieces. It belonged to a customer and was worth an absolute fortune. Naturally after that I was terrified of opals. If anyone handed me one I would break into a sweat.

On one of my my gemstone adventures in Tuscon I fell in love with all the beautiful opals I was seeing and I thought “If I buy them and they break they’re mine so it’s not a problem” and a new love affair with Opals was born. Now they are a huge part of my collection. Click here to shop opal pendants & charms. 

This is a group shot of opal pendants with 18k yellow gold crownwork tops

This is photo of an 18k yellow gold crownwork ring with a cabochon opal ring

This is a pair of 18k yellow gold Crownwork disc earrings on triple diamond hooks with opals set in oxidized silver

The name opal comes from the Sanskrit word Upala, meaning ‘precious stone’ and later the Greek derivative Opallios meaning ‘to see a change of color’.This play/flash of color the stone creates is one of the many reasons they are so beloved.Opals come in so many varieties and color ways; Ethiopian, Fire, Boulder, Black, White Pink… the list goes on.

Opals are believed to bring inner peace, enhance creativity, and strengthen relationships. Some even claim they can help soothe the mind and heal emotional wounds.

Click here to shop more opal beauties in my collection


This is a photo of a natural raw piece of pink tourmaline stone

Like opal, tourmaline is also admired for its wide variety of gemstone color ways. Tourmalines have a long history and have been used as gemstones for centuries. They were initially discovered in Sri Lanka over 2,000 years ago. Ancient legend in Sri Lanka believed that tourmalines traveled from the center of the Earth and passed over a rainbow, which is why they exhibit such a wide array of colors.

My eye always wanders to pink tourmalines, the vibrant natural color not only matches my brand but my design aesthetic. I do love to work with green tourmalines and once in a while I will come across a special color change tourmaline I can’t say no to.

Tourmaline is associated with gentleness, compassion, joy, and love and is also the 8th anniversary gift. Whether you’re an October baby or not, opal and tourmaline make wonderful gifts. Their vibrant colors and unique properties make them ideal for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or yourself. Spoil yourself or someone you love <3

This is a group photo of pink tourmaline cocktail rings


This is a product shot of a pink tourmaline pendant with a pave pink sapphire surround

September  – Sapphires

This is a photo of Sapphire in its natural form

This September birthstone a showstopper of a gemstone – radiant, captivating, and adored by all. I recently made a stunning ring for myself for my birthday we all deserve some self-love. 

This is a photo of Ray wearing his 18k Yellow Gold Crownwork ring with stunning Blue Sapphire

With a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations, Sapphire has seen it all – from kings and queens flaunting it as a symbol of power and wisdom to commoners seeking its magical properties. It’s like the wise old sage who’s been around for ages, but with a dazzling makeover.

This gem is a dazzling delight in shades of blue that range from the serene ocean blue to a velvety midnight hue. Sapphire is so precious that even the engagement ring of British royalty holds a stunning Sapphire at its center, making all other gemstones green with envy. Sapphires come in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, pink, green and white. In addition to being the September birthstone, sapphire is also the gem commemorating the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Now, let’s talk about the magical powers of this beauty. Legend has it that it can protect you from envy, harm, and evil thoughts. People say it can even bring harmony to relationships – a real gemstone cupid, if you will.

Sapphire is versatile, too. It’s not all about rings; it dazzles in earrings, pendants, and bracelets too. Sapphire loves to accessorize, darling! Wear it to a fancy gala, a casual dinner party, or even to the supermarket – it’s always ready to shine, no matter the occasion. I always say that jewelry is meant to be worn! 

This is a photo of a pave yellow sapphire pendant on an oxidized silver chain


This is the product shot for a pair of 18k Yellow Gold huggie hoops earrings with pave dark pink sapphire gemstones

This is a photo of an 18K yellow gold Crownwork ring with green sapphire center stone and pave green sapphire surround

Be warned, though: Sapphire is a bit of a diva when it comes to cleaning. It demands gentle treatment, like a spa day with some lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush. But hey, we all deserve some pampering, right?

It’s the perfect companion for September-born folks who love to turn heads, spread positive vibes, and carry a bit of magic wherever they go. With Sapphire by your side, you’ll be ready to take on the world with style, charm, and a whole lot of sparkle!

Let’s go shopping – click here to view my collection sprinkled with Sapphires in a variety of colors!

August  – Peridot & Spinel

August is one of only three months of the year that has three birthstones! They are peridot, spinel, and sardonyx. For those lucky souls born in August (like me!), their birthstone is one of my personal favorites the vibrant and enchanting Peridot. Also known as the “Evening Emerald” due to its captivating green hue. Peridot is also the most common birthstone associated with August, and is often gifted for the 16th wedding anniversary.

Peridot is the yellowish green to greenish yellow gem variety of the mineral olivine. Throughout history, peridot has often been confused with other gems such as topaz and emerald. Some historians even speculate that Cleopatra’s famous emerald collection may have been comprised of peridot.

The peridot birthstone has also been used for centuries as a protective talisman, shielding the owner from evil spirits and ‘terrors of the night’.

Peridot’s striking green hue makes it an excellent choice for jewelry, particularly for those who love vibrant and eye-catching gems. Its affordability, coupled with its unique color, makes it a preferred alternative to more expensive green gemstones like emerald. The gemstone is often faceted, but due to its high transparency, it can also be found in cabochon cuts, revealing a smooth, polished surface that showcases the gem’s natural beauty.

This is a stunning example of an 18k yellow gold Crownwork ring with prong set faceted peridot center stone with two prong set emerald baguettes and aqua enamel on inverted shank.


Spinel comes in a variety of colors, but the most commercially important are black, red and pink. The spinel is often mistaken for either a ruby or pink sapphire, as it can resemble both. Unlike many gemstones, spinel is rarely treated or enhanced, making it a natural and authentic gemstone choice. Its a gorgeous gemstone and under appreciated in my opinion!

This is an elegant Edwardian style crownwork ring with oxidized silver center featuring cabochon pink spinel, pave pink sapphire, white diamonds.


Click here to shop peridot, black or pink spinel. I’m working on a gorgeous green sardonyx beaded stretch bracelet as I write this – coming soon – sneak peak pic below!

Happy Birthday fellow Leos!

July  – Ruby

This is a photo of a natural ruby

Ruby is the July birthstone, the name is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning ‘red’ – the color of love and passion. Traditionally, the ruby is given for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary.

There is something so elegant and classic about the ruby that works with any outfit for any occasion. Tough and durable, ruby measures 9 on the Mohs scale. Diamonds are the only natural gemstone harder than ruby. 

Click here to see some featured in my collection.

I also love working with rubies in their natural form. They have a gorgeous organic beauty and deeper pinky, red earth tones. This is a natural ruby necklace from my recent Spring collection. 

This is a photo of a natural ruby beaded necklace

Fun fact: The red fluorescence power of ruby helped build the first working laser in 1960. Rubies, both natural and synthetic are still used to make lasers, as well as watches and medical instruments. It’s the gemstone with superpowers! This is a pave ruby pendant which is a bright, sparkly addition to any necklace or bracelet. 


This is a pave ruby pendant

And one more gorgeous juicy Ruby cocktail ring with yellow sapphire surround. Perfect statement ring for a romantic evening or any evening for that matter!


This is photo of a ruby cocktail ring with yellow sapphire surround


June  – Pearl & Moonstone

This is a photo depicts a pearl in an oyster shell


Traditionally the June birthstones are pearl and moonstone. Pearls & moonstones are wonderful to work with and have been a long time favorite of mine.

Pearl has long been popular as a gemstone, despite being fundamentally different from most other crystal-based precious and semi-precious stones. Pearls are the only gemstones made by living creatures. Mollusks produce pearls by depositing layers of calcium carbonate around microscopic irritants that get lodged in their shells, usually not a grain of sand, as commonly believed. They have such unique shapes and color variations.

Click here to watch my jewel school about all things pearl. I have been a pearl wearer myself for years, everyone should own a strand or two!

Click here to shop pearls in my collection.

This is a photo of pearl necklaces being held in a glass

This is a photo of raw moonstone

Moonstone, was named by the Roman natural historian Pliny, who wrote that moonstone’s shimmery appearance shifted with the phases of the moon. The finest classical moonstones, colorlessly transparent with a blue shimmer, come from Sri Lanka. Since these sources of high-quality blue moonstones have essentially been mined out, prices have risen sharply. Other mines have since been found in India, Australia, Myanmar, Madagascar, and the United States.

Moonstone traps light and scatters it inside, creating a vivid imagery of a moonlight glowing in water. The energy of moonstone is introspective and balancing. Wear it to usher in new beginnings and bring closure to each end.

Click here to view moonstones throughout my collection. 


This is a photo of a moonstone pendant on a gold chain necklace and three moonstone rings

May – Emeralds

This is an image of raw emeralds being used for educational purposes

May birthdays fall right in the heart of Spring and the emerald is the perfect gem to symbolize and celebrate this month. It is also the traditional wedding anniversary present for the 20th and the 55th year.

Prized for its brilliant green color, the emerald, a symbol of rebirth, is believed to grant the owner foresight, good fortune, and youth. Emerald, derived from the word smaragdus, means, quite literally, green in Greek. Emeralds are the green to greenish blue variety of the mineral Beryl, the majority of Emeralds are mined in Colombia and Zambia.

To determine if an emerald is real you can shine a blacklight onto the emerald. A natural emerald will show a pure green or blue-green hue. With the light, it will either not have any backlight or a weak orange-red or green color. Synthetic emeralds fluorescence will showcase a dark red color. An imitation stone will have a yellow or brown undertone color.

Click here to see emeralds currently featured in my collection.

Click here to read the cameo of my emerald flower necklace in The Zing Report from May 11th 2023.

April  – Diamonds

Image of the birth stone for April, the diamond

Diamonds are the birthstone for April babies, as well as the gemstone for the 60th and 75th anniversaries. This classic stone has stood the test of time and a perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

Natural diamonds are a rare and unique ultimate gift for a loved one. Thought to be one of the hardest substances on the globe, natural diamonds date back billions of years. Diamonds are also thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength.

During the Middle Ages, diamonds were thought to hold healing powers and to cure ailments stemming from the pituitary gland and brain. By heating the crystal and taking it to bed, it was thought to draw out the harmful toxins that were crippling the body.

This is a photo of a rough champagne diamond pinky ring

It was also believed that diamonds could have an effect on an individual’s balance and clarity and could boost their energy when combined with other crystals like amethyst. Research has shown that the most common diamond carat size is somewhere between 1.0 and 1.2 carats. A single-carat diamond is just over half a centimeter in diameter, less than half the size of a penny!

Traditionally diamonds have been the center of jewelry designs as the main focal point. However in my collection I sprinkle them throughout lots of my designs as a natural enhancer to a vast array of other beautiful, colorful gem stones. Diamonds also complement my signature gold crownwork® elevating the design and adding some extra sparkle!

A group of drop hoop earrings featuring platinum diamond posts


Click here to see more ways diamonds feature throughout my collection.

I love to change up the norm a little bit and work with black and champagne diamonds both gorgeous, they add a unique touch to classic styles. Also great unisex options for diamonds!

This is an image of a black and white diamond regency ring

Everyone loves a true love story including me and jewelry is my love language. Whilst I don’t have a specific wedding collection, I love to work one on one with clients to create a unique, personal piece that they will cherish forever. Here  are some of the wedding stories I have been a part of or here to start the conversation of your own love story.

 Read about the history of the diamond as an engagement ring.










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In the luxuriant landscape of rare and one-of-a-kind jewelry, Australian-born; New York-based designer/goldsmith Ray Griffiths is legendary for visionary design, superb quality gem materials and intrepid, master artisanship. Having trademarked the distinctive, chic and airy 18-karat gold jewelry genre called Crownwork® in 2014, Griffiths has earned an assured place in jewelry history, although he’s too modest to say so. While he’s also renowned as a master jewelry restorer, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Griffiths creating adornments in the USA. “I left Sydney, Australia for New York when I won the U.S. Green Card lottery many moons ago,” he recalled in his sun-lit atelier high atop Fifth Avenue. Wearing his trademark necklace of Tahitian pearls and a Crownwork® ring, he explained, “I’m about to become a naturalized U.S. citizen any day.” To honor these dual milestones, Griffiths is celebrating and compensating for COVID pandemic-related travel restrictions with a new E-commerce website that is rich in editorial content, videos and jewelry lore.

“2020 was the first year that I was unable to tour the U.S. doing trunk shows at independent jewelers and luxury department stores due to the pandemic,” Griffiths said. “I have been working with some of the same jewelry stores for 18 years, so the customers and I know each other very well. We all socialize when I come to their towns and stay in touch throughout the year. Many of these people feel like family to me.” An irrepressible extrovert and frequent philanthropist, Griffiths is donating a portion of his February and March 2021 jewelry website sales to the nonprofit mental health organization The Child Mind Institute. “I am donating to this organization in memory of a family member,” he explained “I’m also giving because of all the people I know who’ve mentioned that their children have struggled with remote learning and missing their friends throughout the COVID pandemic.”

The revamped Ray Griffiths site is notable for its ease of use, interactivity and the authoritative yet lighthearted way that Griffiths imparts jewelry knowledge that educates and entertains. In the Design Notes section, for example, when visitors see a pink design note bubble on the product page, they can click on it to read some thoughts from Griffiths about how he conceptualized the specific jewel. There is also a gemstone information index that shows images of stones in the raw while noting their material properties, along with its zodiac sign and birthstone month. While the experience of shopping on the site is far livelier than what one encounters on many other websites,   Griffiths schedules virtual appointments for those who wish to connect directly. Other noteworthy features on the site include The Restoration and Custom Section. Here, Griffiths highlights and explains the design process involved with certain pieces.

The transcontinental jewelry journey of Griffiths began when he was sixteen in Melbourne, Australia, with an apprenticeship in restoring antique European jewels. “I signed on with a high-end restoration house run by master artisans,” he recalled. “We had all sorts of elaborate suites of jewels coming in all the time, and tiaras, too.” Because his training was quite technically exacting and detail-focused, it helped Griffiths acquire fluency in the language of gold and precious metals. “Each metal has unique material qualities and has its own temperament, so to speak,” he explained while showing this writer around his pristine workspace. “I had a fantastic apprenticeship, because the more you learn about what can be done with gold to shape and form it, the easier it is to use your imagination to design with it and create beautiful jewels.” This experiential understanding of gold’s unique characteristics; its myriad technical and artistic potentials are two essential elements that differentiate Griffiths from mere jewelry designers. So does his rigorous training in 400-year-old European jewelry traditions.

According to Marla Zimmerman of the upmarket Pittsburgh, PA. jewelry salon, Choices “Ray’s jewelry embodies old world craftsmanship and fuses it with a timeless and glamorous design aesthetic. Between his superb quality colored gemstones and his Crownwork®, he creates incredible jewels for people of all ages and genders. He is indeed a master jeweler.”

As Griffiths explained, European artisans invented crownwork to form the underside of tiaras and crowns from the 1600s through the 1800s. In those days, a structured, sculptural shape was made and then hollowed out to create a lightweight yet resilient grid on the reverse of the headgear. This lattice-like grid formed the piece’s hidden structural integrity. Taking this concept as a point of departure for his own jewelry collections, Griffiths started designing and hand-fabricating jewels featuring fully visible; 18-karat golden Crownwork® for everything from earrings to pendant necklaces, oversized yet lightweight link bracelets, wedding ring sets; high jewelry glittering with important diamonds or colored gemstones. “I can’t tell you how many women have thanked me for making earrings, rings and other 18-karat and gemstone jewels that are boldly proportioned yet lightweight and comfortable to wear for an entire day,” he said. “No more sagging earlobes or weighed-down wrists!”

Griffiths also makes sculptural Crownwork® beads in classically graceful and universally appealing forms like lanterns, spheres, ovals and pods. Whether these beads comprise an entire necklace of their own or form golden stations on a strand of Tahitian pearls, a tourmaline bracelet or turquoise earring, their voluminous forms and ergonomic appeal make them look and feel utterly pleasing.

“Ray brings personality to every piece he creates,” said Karen O’Neil of Frederic’s Fine Jewelers in Upper Montclair, N.J. “Our customers gravitate towards his colorful gemstone and trademarked Crownwork®, which is lightweight yet strong and always perfectly executed. Our clients treasure Ray’s designs as timeless heirlooms, yet they also look forward to passing them on to future generations,” she added. Musing over the good fortune that he enjoys long-term relationships with other upmarket retailers around the U.S., such as Stanley Korshak in Dallas, TX., Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Palm Beach and in Naples, FLA.; Belle Cose in Jackson Hole, WY. Sotre Collection in New Orleans, LA., Angela in Menlo Park, CA. & The Fine Jewelry Bar in Palm Desert, CA.), Griffiths is also a jeweler to several generations of the same families. “I get the feeling that people of all ages love the detail in my work and how it unites a classic sense of Antiquity with contemporary forms, clean lines and lightness. My pieces are made to last forever,” he said, “as long as they are looked after with care.” He added that, “The continuity of relationships I have with my customers means that I have been involved in making many jewels that mark important events in many family trees.”

While he has long worn jewels that he designs and makes by hand, like Indian maharajahs of yore, Griffiths always wears pearls, and his favorites are organically shaped baroque pearls, some of them offset by Crownwork® beads. “I have been wearing lustrous, irregular pearls for at least 20 years,” he recalled. “I am often stopped on the street by people asking where I got them, which has resulted in some serendipitous sales.” Given that musician Pharrell Williams has been rocking pearls on Chanel runways and in daily life since 2014 and global pop star Harry Styles wore a pearl earring to the 2019 Met Gala, Griffiths feels vindicated in having led the charge for men in pearls. “At last, more style-setting men are wearing pearls!” he enthused. “Besides being beautiful, pearls are fascinating as they are one of the few gem materials created by living creatures. Baroque shapes with beautiful luster suit the more casual dressing in this day and age,” he explained. “They should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.”

As one surveys the Griffiths jewelry oeuvre; observes how he’s designed a jeweler’s version of the American Dream and launched a new website, it’s obvious that his enthusiasm for human connection through jewelry is part of the secret of his success. Elaine Souza, owner of the Gladstone luxury jewelry and fine art gallery in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA., put it this way. “We have an amazing track record with Ray. We have enjoyed representing his innovative and impeccably crafted designs since 2009. Customers of all ages and genders fall in love with the timeless, sculptural, and colorful aspects of his jewelry. And once they meet the charismatic person behind the designs, they find themselves collecting Ray’s jewels on a regular basis.”

“I can’t wait to start doing trunk shows again and working face-to-face with clients,” Griffiths wrote in an email. “For the time being, however, I’m styling their jewelry and dreaming up special made-to-order pieces with them via FaceTime and Zoom. Working closely with clients informs my designs in the best possible way. I’m so fortunate that I have the chance to view the jewelry on the client and see how they experience it.”



Click here to make a Zoom Appointment with Ray



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Color play with Image Intelligence


We teamed up with Image Intelligence, a fabulous personal branding company with a love for color for their take on some of Ray’s designs.  They picked out a few favorites and gave us their tips for wearing them.

One of Rays biggest inspirations is COLOR ! “I have always been drawn to the joy, happiness and feeling that color can bring. My inspirations as designer come from the colors that I was surrounded with growing up in Australia, there is something special about the sunlight there that intensifies the color , I love using bright juicy stones in my designs.”






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January Birthstone – Gorgeous Garnets

Garnet is the birthstone for January babies, these gorgeous gemstones are one of the most interesting and diverse to work with as they come in such a large variety of colors.  Garnets symbolize love and inspire passion.  As well as being the birthstone for January, Garnets are the gemstone for your 2nd Wedding Anniversary and the Zodiac gemstone for Aries, Leo and Libra.

The variety and vibrance of the colors of these stones are why they are such a delight to work with.

Pyrope Garnet – these are the most popular of the red varieties, with that rich, juicy color that most people associate with garnets. The word pyrope derives from the Greek word for “fire-eyed”, in reference to the high refractive index of the stones.

tumbled natural garnet necklace, January birthstone

Spessatine Garnet – the color way for these babies are orange to orange-red in color. They have a high refractive index that gives them a luscious fire and brilliance, they literally glow.

Hessonite Garnet – these are  a unique variety of grossular garnet, in that it is an orange-brown color, rather than the typical green. Although sometimes confused with citrine or topaz, Hessonite garnets can be distinguished by their inclusions, which appear as curving areas of varying translucency.

spessatine garnet drop earrings, january birthstone

Color Change Garnet – these Garnets are pure magic, they change color depending on the light source.  The color change can be from greenish yellow to purplish red, or from blueish green to blueish purple (my favorite). This color characteristic is due to the combination of various mineral compositions of three or more garnet species.

Tsavorite – these are rich, almost fluorescent green colored garnet.

pave tsavorite earrings


There are many more variates of the versatile stone, I really do adore working with Garnets.  Click here to shop our Garnet jewels and keep an eye out for all the new pieces that are currently marinating in my mind.





“Jewelry is something that takes a long time to get right. Integrating technical skills into one’s own sense of style and design occurs over time. Jewelry isn’t seasonal, it’s evolutionary.”— Ray Griffiths

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