Renowned for his meticulous metal work, profound technical skills, and use of exquisite gemstones, Ray Griffiths is a master jeweler and true lover of all things that sparkle.


Ray Griffiths’ enduring love for the craft of making fine jewelry spans more than forty years, and it’s been his constant companion while creating fabulous jewels beloved and worn for generations.

Jewelry lovers and collectors appreciate the special pieces Griffiths creates, but ultimately it’s his enduring love for the craft of making fine jewelry that keeps his fans coming back for more.

The New York Times “Styles” section raved, “I was stunned by the work of Ray Griffiths, an Australian designer trained in the dying art of designing and repairing crowns for royalty. His bracelets are jaw-dropping…”

“It almost looks as if the Fifth Avenue studio, radiating with skyline-soaked light, is alive. It’s bathed in gemstones of every kind. Brimming with color, they sparkle and scintillate as light plays over their multifaceted surfaces.”