“It almost looks as if the Fifth Avenue studio, radiating with skyline-soaked light, is alive. It’s bathed in gemstones of every kind. Brimming with color, they spark and scintillate as light plays over their multifaceted surfaces.”

         Ray has been making his jewelry out of 303 Fifth Avenue for 12 years. He moved around from office to office searching for the right space until he found his perfect gem, the studio the company currently calls home.  It is filled with the natural light Ray needs to work with his beloved gemstones, the view stretches up Fifth Avenue to Central Park, providing the perfect inspiration whilst sketching his designs. One side of the studio is completely dominated with a beautiful arched copper window that dates back to the turn of the last century, so there is a sense of history in the space that imbues the design process.  The studio space provides the ultimate muse for the Ray Griffiths collection—New York City.

Out of this studio Ray designs and creates his line of fine jewelry, from the initial design to gem selection and manufacturing. It’s all done in-house, to Ray’s strict specifications. Another side to the business is Ray’s private custom design service. Working one on one with the clients, Ray can refashion old family heirlooms, recut any gemstones (including old diamonds) and completely restore precious antiques. Services include:

By appointment only, Monday to Friday 11am–7pm. Please visit our ‘inquiries’ page or contact Kirsten at: (212)-689-7209 / [email protected]