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Restoration 3



Story of the restoration:

Grandmother’s brooch and family heirloom was never worn by the client; turned this into an everyday bracelet.

“I had three pieces of antique and vintage family jewelry that needed repairing: a ring that had a missing ruby, a diamond ring that needed resizing, and a sapphire and diamond broach. These pieces had been worn by my grandmother, and were very special to me. I took them to Ray who was excited about them as I am! I don’t wear broaches so I asked Ray if he could turn it into a bracelet, and he made the most beautiful bracelet for me. His skill and craftsmanship meant that it turned better than I could have thought. He replaced the ruby in the first ring with great care and made sure it wouldn’t fall out again. He cleaned and resized the diamond ring and was able to tell me it was older than I thought.

He was so knowledgeable, friendly and delightful and the work he did was amazing. I was grateful that he took so much care with my pieces. I knew that they were in good hands!”