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In-laws were immigrants and went through India on their travels and bought the Emerald with the little money he has left. Clients husband loves to tell the story of where it came from. Long haul immigration. Diamonds from her original engagement ring. With the pendant Ray focused on the Emeralds to retain the emotional value of their family history. The “blob” necklace is inspired by one of her favorite artists.

“I cherished the memories evoked by my inherited jewelry but rarely wore them. The designs were just not me! Finding the right person to rework the pieces was challenging. Ray has proven to be a one-of-a-kind find. Upfront, he invested considerable time getting to know me—my taste, my lifestyle, the backstory behind each piece as well as soliciting “honest” feedback on initial ideas. His artistry, superb craftsmanship and innovative creative process turned treasured but unwearable jewelry pieces into unique highly wearable works of art.”