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Town & Country – Stars & Signs

This one was a match made in heaven, I am a Leo so having my Hessonite Garnet ring paired up with my star sign in this months Town and Country was serendipitous.

This asymmetric ring has a natural, flowing, organic shape.  The ring was designed to mimic the beautiful misshapes that nature provides with some pave diamonds to surround the stone. Because we all need a sparkling halo.

 Click here to see more details about this beauty.

I have made this ring in lots of beautiful gemstones. Turquoise, Black Jade, Chrysoprase, Amethyst.  It really is one of my favorites to make and I love exploring new gems to use with this style

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xo Ray


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Town & Country – Featured

It is always such a thrill to be featured in Town & Country, it’s such a style staple.  October is Opal month and the Stars and Signs page always has fabulous jewels paired up with everyone’s signs.

One of my all time favorite crownwork® east west opal rings with pave diamond surround was paired up with Virgo and I think its a perfect match.


 for a closer look at this beauty

xo Ray

PS – How fabulous does Sharon Stone look on the cover!?!?!


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Ray Griffiths x Gem Gossip

Danielle Miele started her wildly popular blog “Gem Gossip” over 10 years ago and is beloved in the industry for her love and appreciation for jewelry and telling their story.  She came by the studio on a visit to New York, took fabulous photos and shared Ray’s story her way.

After years of wanting to meet Ray Griffiths, I finally got my chance on this trip to New York City! I’ve heard many great stories about him and have seen collectors obsess over his work. In a world of jewelry designers, Ray is Mr. Congeniality and as genuine as they come. He has Australian roots and an innate longing to work with jewelry, as he began his career as an apprentice when he was just a young boy. With dreams of having his own atelier one day in the US, he eventually moved to NYC and built his career one jewel at a time. His studio sits on 5th Avenue, overlooking gorgeous views and a bird’s eye view of Midtown, stretching out to Central Park.”

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