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Stretch Bracelets

Our newest obsession are these stretch bracelets with an 18k yellow gold crownwork® finials.  They are the perfect layering piece. Sleeping beauty turquoise and Tahitian pearl South Sea Pearl and Phosphosiderite   South Sea Pearl and 18k Gold link crownwork® bracelet



When I am designing earrings, I like feminine, curved shapes because they are sensual and move nicely with the body.  They frame a woman’s face.  Earrings are the ultimate accessory, they are a signature of a woman's style and I like to design earrings that


Featured Item – Opals

Opals Opals we love Opals Opals are the gemstone associated with love and passion, the inner radiance of the stone shines through and they seem to reflect all the colors of the rainbow.  They appear magical and dance in the light, Opals really do seem to