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Classic Bezel Set Earrings

My all time favorite, classic earrings are these bezel set beauties that I make in all shapes, sizes and stones.

They drape so beautifully on the ear.  The hook is made of 18k spring gold so its high tensile, easy to get on and off and helps the earring hang directly underneath the earlobe.  It also pulls the earring in so it sits tight.  No matter where you see it from (side, back, front) the earrings are translucent and you can appreciate the full beauty and detail of the earring and stone.

The rounds come in 10mm, 12mm & 14mm.  The 12mm is the perfect "starter earring" and my all time best seller.

The squares come in 9mm, 12mm & 14mm.

The rectangle come in 10x14mm & 13x18mm

The pear shapes come in 12x16mm & 13x18mm

My classic stones are all listed below, I work mostly in 18k yellow gold.  It's my favorite metal to work with.  Everything can be made to order in white gold also if that is your jam.

Click here to see more of these beauties, these are usually made to order and take around 2-3 weeks.