Fall pleasures

Fall pleasures

Here are a few of the things I am enjoying as we head into fall.

Mushroom Salad from Cookshop

Cookshop is one of my favorite New York restaurants, its on a corner on 10th avenue in Chelsea.  The decor is simple and stylish, the staff are warm and friendly and the food is delicious.  The chef is always trawling the farmers market so the menu is always fresh and full of what is in season.  One of my all time favorite dishes from there was a very simple and delightful mushroom salad that I enjoyed earlier on this year.  Its not on the menu right now, I hope it will be back on soon.  I am sharing the recipe with you as I have been recreating it at home until I can eat it again at Cookshop.

Super Simple to make and SUPER fabulous to eat.


Take around 6 King Mushrooms and slice them super thin, dress them with some olive oil, lemon and sea salt then let sit for a couple of minutes.  Add some shaved tarentaise cheese to the top and a bit of fresh italian parsely and you are ready for a party in your mouth.


The Hare with Amber Eyes



Halfway through this book and am really enjoying it so far, highly recommend!!!


Grand Designs 


LOVE this show on Netflix.  It’s a British show that features amazing houses that people have built.  Each one is so different and the design elements in them really speak to me.