When I am designing earrings, I like feminine, curved shapes because they are sensual and move nicely with the body.  They frame a woman’s face.  Earrings are the ultimate accessory, they are a signature of a woman’s style and I like to design earrings that flatter any outfit but don’t take it over.  The number one consideration in a pair of earrings is the movement and the flow, they should feel sexy.  It’s a feel good factor.  My earrings are all lightweight with minimal earlobe drag (no-one wants 80s earlobes syndrome!!!).

I selected all of these earrings because they have that feel good factor, they can be worn everyday or dress up.  Its up to you.


18k Yellow Gold crownwork® front facing double hoops

18k Yellow Gold crownwork® ball drop earrings with quartz drops


18k Yellow Gold crownwork® disc earrings with opals and triple diamond tops


!8k Yellow Gold crownwork® ball earrings with pave champagne diamond and zircon centers


18k Yellow Gold classic crownwork® set white topaz round drop earrings

18k Yellow gold crownwork® double hoops on platinum posts