Ray Griffiths x Bijoux Review

Ray Griffiths x Bijoux Review

Kyle Roderick is an incredible jewelry journalist who just interviewed Ray for the The Contemporary Design Group, its a fabulous read and the perfect insight into Ray’s design ethos.

“While great eras in architectural history inspire his imagination and inform many of his jewelry designs, Griffiths has a gift for conceptualizing cosmopolitan-looking silhouettes that look marvelously vintage yet of the moment. Achieving what so many jewelry designers strive for but never achieve, Griffiths lives forever in the pantheon of classic and therefore ageless designs.”


“Crownwork®is the ultimate expression of my philosophy, which is that jewelry should bring you joy, feel effortless to wear and become part of you over time.”


“While jewelry may be his life’s passion, it’s equally clear that Griffiths’ willingness to work hard and give chance a chance makes him a winning master jeweler.”

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