Jewelry Box

What is Crownwork™?

Crownwork™ is the grid like pattern that features throughout all Ray Griffiths jewelry.  Aside from being unique, fabulous and the trademark of Ray’s work, Crownwork™ takes much of the weight from the gold allowing the jewelry to remain affordable yet retain its luxury. Its origin is in Ray’s design roots as an apprentice to the masters of the craft. Crownwork™ is a modern design take on the art of fine jewelry.

Stone’s and Material

Ray selects all the stones used throughout the collection himself, has them cut to his specifications and designs the perfect piece to enhance their natural beauty.  Everything is produced using the highest quality materials, all our stones are conflict free and all our gold is recycled so the jewelry is also kind to the planet.

Classic stones used are: white topaz, blue topaz, amethyst, madeira citrine, green citrine, lemon citrine and smoky quartz. Limited edition stones used include chrysoprase, turquoise, zircon, tourmaline, coral, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, and rutilated/tourmilated quartz.

Ray can source and cut any stone you need to make your jewelry dreams come true. Click here for a stone chart.