Rays Rings
“I have always loved jewels and been attracted to sparkly things, my nickname amongst my friends back home in Australia is                      Jessie Jewel Box” – Ray

 I ALWAYS have a ring on, my current favorite is the champagne diamond pave Regency Ring.

Champagne Diamond Ring Blog

I always try every piece on at each stage of production and wear it around the office for a few hours, I love to get a real feel of each jewel and connect with it.

More is more is always my motto.

Ray Necklaces 3 Ray Necklaces 2

The most sentimental jewel I own is my grandfathers wedding ring.  I am very dyslexic and when I was young telling left from right could be challenging.  So my mother put this ring on my left hand so I would always know which way to go.

I like to infuse a little bit of sentimentality in every jewel I produce, my jewelry should feel familiar when you wear it.

Ray Watch

I wear a watch every day, its a TAG Hueur and it was a treat to myself.