In honor of St Patricks Day, here is a love letter to my favorite green stones.  I love green!!

I have a natural affection for all things green; vegetables, gardens, clothes (one of my favorite suits is a dark green McQueen) and of course gemstones.

Peridot Blog

My birthstone is Peridot and like 99% of all Leo’s I love it.  Peridot has a richness, warmth and friendliness to it. When you are wearing Peridot you feel like you are wearing a friend and I try to incorporate this into my designs when I use it in my jewelry.

crsophrase blog

” kris-o-praise”
Chrysoprase, difficult to say, difficult to spell, incredible to look at.
Chrysoprase  is an Australian native stone (just like me), the semi translucent apple green coloring you can see in the earrings above is only  found in Australia.   It belongs to the chalcedony family and is known as the Stone of Venus.  Chrysoprase pops beautifully with Gold and I find it perfectly compliments my crownwork.
Green Amethyst
Green Amethyst, also known as “Prasiolite”   is a beautiful soft green color and comes from the  quartz based mineral group family.  It looks beautiful in lots of different cuts and is one of the classic stones I use in many of my designs.
 Green Moonstone
I love all moonstone because of its mystical nature  and it comes in various shades. One of my favorites is green moonstone, it has a wonderful chatoyancy when it is worn and moves with the wearer.  Moonstone is a feminine stone and helps to balance energy.
Rays initials