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Jewel Box Confidential: Terry Gibralter

Terry Gibralter is a great friend of Ray’s, Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry and one of those super stylish NY women who always look amazing.  We are so thrilled that she is kicking off our new Jewel Box Confidential series.

IMG_1630First piece of jewelry you ever owned? 

Well that would be earrings as my ears were pierced when I was 2 years old by my grandfather who was a doctor.  I remember it being really traumatic but there was no question it was going to happen as culturally every little girl had her ears pierced, typically a lot earlier than 2.  I wore tiny little gold hoops until I was a teen.


How did you meet Ray?

A mutual friend I knew from Singapore put us in touch when I needed my wedding ring redesigned.  The original, very traditional art deco setting totally fell apart when I dropped it one day.

First piece of Ray Griffiths jewelry you owned?

The wedding ring I described above. Ray completely redesigned the setting taking the original 1 carat oval shaped diamond and setting it in one of his gorgeous modern bands that featured his classic and beautiful engraving work.

IMG_1627Current jewelry on high rotation?

I’ve always been thoroughly obsessed with jewelry, especially in gold and I adore diamonds and colored stones.  I tend to wear a lot of jewelry at all times and I would feel naked if I didn’t have my rings on. The only place I don’t wear them is to bed! For many years I’ve been wearing a stack of gold and diamond rings (a mix of Ray’s and family rings) on my left ring finger, a large gold and onyx ring by Ray on the pointer finger of my left hand, and a large Elizabeth Gage gold ring with diamonds on my right ring finger.


All time favorite RG jewel?

Very hard to choose just one! But if forced, I’d have to say the large onyx and gold ring.  It feels like a talisman that I wear for protection in the world on a daily basis and I feel totally vulnerable without it :)

A piece of jewelry you never take off and why?

See above! 

Do you feel a personal connection with Ray and his jewelry? 

Definitely!  Anyone who knows Ray, loves Ray and wearing his jewelry means so much more because of that. His pieces are like old friends who are an immensely important part of my life.  My goal is to have a few more of these “friends”! :)

IMG_1626Advice to a first time Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry collector?

Keep collecting!  His pieces stand the test of time, they’re modern and gorgeous and you’ll never want to take them off.

Whats the best compliment you have ever received wearing Ray’s jewelry?

So many women (and men!) have seen my amazing onyx and gold ring and said “I want that ring!”.

Check out http://www.houseofterrance.com for access to Terry’s incredible closet and style tips 


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