Hello from a slightly cooler NYC, we are having a challenging summer.  Is it beyond a heatwave where you are?

The absolute highlight of my month (and year) was the opportunity I had to shake the hand of the President of the United States.  It was a thrill and an honor to attend the Obama for America’s 2011 LGBT Gala.  I attended with some great friends and was lucky to sit at a table with Christine Quinn.  Obama gave a fantastic speech about issues that are close to my heart and when he was finished I saw my opportunity to meet him and I took it.

Unfortunately my camera took that opportunity to run out of battery so the absolute moment was not captured for all to see as I hoped, however it did come back to life  enough for me to get a great shot of the President after our hand shake.

Regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum I am sure you will agree that meeting the sitting President of the country you are living in is a great thrill!

The Gala was hosting brilliantly by the extraordinarily talented Neil Patrick Harris, as you can see I cornered him for one my signature “Up Shots” (many of you have been the photographic subjects of these too)

I have just finished the JA Winter Show at the Jacob Javitz Center, its always such fun to spend time with my fellow designers and show my new pieces to the Editors and Stores.

The Pave Rings were our stand out star of the show…

This one is Black Diamond, they also come in Emerald, Ruby, White Diamond and my current fave Sapphire (I have one in the most amazing Cobalt Blue in the collection at the moment)

I have been having so much fun working with turquoise lately, my lovely friend Beth Bernstein was kind enough to give me a little high five in her fantastic jewelry blog B-Jeweled….. http://bjeweled.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/young-turqs/

I am putting together a turquoise and black diamond collection for the holidays, here is a sneak peek ……

It’s no secret I love Gold, its my metal of choice and I have been fascinated by its possibilities all my life.  We all know that the cost of gold has risen astronomically.  I only work in 18ct,  due to the fact its 750/1000 parts gold it has the most fantastic color and durability.   A classic piece of gold jewelry is a great investment both financially and fashionably, it will hold its value really well and is timeless.

Here is my pick for the Gold jewelry all women should collect over their lifetime:

A classic pair of gold hoops, a gypsy style like the ones above frame the face beautifully and translates really well from day to night & casual to dressy.

A cable link bracelet is always the chicest addition to any wrist and will work well stacked with other pieces or on its own

A classic gold chain will never do you wrong, worn every day it will almost become a part of you.  (I like to finish my chains with a diamond on either side of the bale, its a little secret luxury just for you)

A classic chunky gold ring is an everyday staple, don’t be afraid to mix them with your other rings.  I love the look of yellow, white and rose gold mixed together and they always look great with any jewels you may have inherited from Grandma.

My current fave is a big fat hammered ring that I made by melting down some of my old pieces, in these challenging financial times it pays to recycle and reinvent!

So if you are thinking about investing in some gold pieces and are wary of the price remember that real jewelry is not seasonal,  it will hold its value both in your wallet and your heart…

I am off to Jackson Hole to do a trunk show with Goodies 2 Shoes (come say Hi if you are in the area) and then I am off to Rio for some MUCH needed fun in the sun.  I’ll take lots of pictures to share and fill you in next month.

Stay cool in the heat