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On the Highway of life

August, August, August… Hey ! Wait a minute, almost my birthday?

Where was I during all those years?

Not sure :) .. BUT, I know where I was last weekend when it was so cloudy in NYC and the studio looked like this:


I know… NYC can’t shine bright all the time !

I went to Manchester (By-the-sea) for a trunk show at Gladstone’s store.

I got in my car and was on the highway, almost without traffic (I know, can you believe it?) :)

Big thanks to my amazing hosts for the weekend. Charles, Elaine and Lucy!


It was a great weekend, and we sold some of my favorite items ! But honestly, how could you not in this comfy and lovely environment.


photo 4

The next morning, I went walk about in the town and found this lovely house with a classic “Mansard” roof. I Love it !


Now time to go back to the real world in my office

Until next time…:)


San Francisco


Up in the air

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  1. Cher

    hey , those are B.May bags on the shelf. Just bought one on line!!

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