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Month: June 2015

Red White and Blue 2

Red, White and New

In celebration of summer and July 4th here are some of my favorite red, white and blue gemstones set in some old favorites and new contenders.

There are so many wonderful stones in these fabulous hues, picking my current favorites was very difficult.  Honorable mentions to Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Blue Zircon, White Zircon and Moonstone (I love you all too…..)

Turquoise Image

Turquoise, my bright and beautiful friend.  One of my favorite minerals, it got its name from the french for turks (turquoise) because it was first brought to Europe from Turkey.  After the Persian mines closed Sleeping Beauty was considered the most beautiful.  Now the SB mines have closed so my best advised would be to grab some Turquoise ASAP

lapis and ruby


This deep blue stone has been one of the most sought after since man’s history began.  It remains a symbol of royalty and honor.  That’s why it pairs so well with my crownwork (plus it looks fab)


There are very few stones in the red family, the queen of them all is the Ruby.  Apart from it color the desirability of Rubies lies in their hardness, durability, lustre and rarity.
 white topaz
White Topaz can get bit of bad rap, often seen as the poor cousin of the diamond many people overlook this gemstone.  I love it and use it a lot in my jewels.  Its highly refractive, bright and crisp.  All the things I look for in a stone.
Diamonds aren’t just a girls best friend, they’re everyones BBF.  They’re formed at the highest temperature and pressure within the earth and then bought to the surface through deep volcano eruptions so they are like the superheroes of the gem world.  The best thing about them is that they SPARKLE like no ones business and they make you happy.
Prince sang about Diamonds AND Pearls so lets bring it home with these beautiful objects that are produced within a living (and delicious) creature. Famed not only for their beauty but also medicinal purpose these little babies can do no wrong.
Rays initials
RG 04.19.15..-23

Inspiration: crownwork ball fringe necklace

This is also known as the necklace that just took runner up in the Gold category of the Couture Design Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I took a jewelry journey through ancient history; Etruscan, Greco Roman and Ottoman Empire pieces inspired the structure, form and drape of this necklace.
This is my crownwork spin on the historical pieces that are fueling my creative flames right now.
 Rays initials

Jewel Box Confidential: Ellen Gonda

Ellen “Ellie” Gonda  is more family than friend to Ray, she is an accomplished, elegant, polished fellow Aussie.  Ellie is a big supporter of the Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry family and its a thrill to have her on the blog
IMG_3889First piece of jewelry you ever owned? 

My first piece of jewelry came from my beloved grandmother, Bia, who arrived in England from Florence in anticipation of my birth with a filigree heart on a gold chain.

How did you meet Ray?

Ray and I initially met at a store called SABA that used to be on West Broadway in New York. I complimented him on the pearl he was wearing. He responded, “Thanks, doll, I made it myself…where did you get that watch?” I said, “a shop called Rox in the Strand Arcade in Sydney,” to which Ray replied, “I used to own that shop!” Now that I’ve known Ray for about 15 years, I know these sorts of magical moments of connection happen all the time!

First piece of Ray Griffiths jewelry you owned?

My first Ray Griffiths jewels were a pair of beautiful brushed silver earrings that I treasure.

Current jewelry on high rotation?

I always wear a jewel or two from Ray. I feel naked without my golden crown work ring–it’s representative of Ray’s incredible ability to integrate style and comfort into statement pieces. Recently I’ve been reaching for my golden bangles from my grandmother and am wearing my Plume rose gold and diamond bar earrings.


All time favorite RG jewel?

I can’t choose just one! My all time favorite ring is a coral cabochon. My favorite necklace is a gold crown work chain that I can wear long, wrapped around my neck twice or three times. My all time favorite earrings are a pair of long golden earrings.IMG_3891

A piece of jewelry you never take off and why?

Sometimes one has to take everything off!

Do you feel a personal connection with Ray and his jewelry? 

Over the years, I’ve found myself returning to Ray for any and all occasions. He’s a true master of his craft and a gem in his own right!

Advice to a first time Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry collector?

This won’t be your last!

Whats the best compliment you have ever received wearing Ray’s jewelry?

Honestly, I get as many compliments as times I’ve worn Ray’s jewelry.


Couture 2015: Vegas

Every year fine jewelry designer descend en masse to the Wynn in Vegas for the Couture jewelry show, this is where we are able to share our full collection, new creations and love of jewelry with retailers, media and our peers.

Its a crazy, exhausting exhilarating week that I have been going to for many years and look forward to and dread in equal measures.

I was incredibly proud of the collection we shared this year, everyone loved it and I am looking forward to you finding it in your favorite store throughout the year or at a trunk show.  I was thrilled to be nominated for a Couture Design award in the Gold category for my crownwork fringed ball necklace, and honored to be runner up.

The jewels are the real star of this show so please enjoy some of my favorite vignettes from the show.

IMG_2914_2 IMG_2989 IMG_2993_2 IMG_3005 IMG_3012_2 IMG_3015_2PS – the real star of the show was my self stick so look out for the “selfie diaries” in my next blog post

Rays initials



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