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Month: August 2014


Up in the air

Hi  Folks,

I hope you’re enjoying your last summer days.

My month could be summarized by a weekly “up in the air”. I went to Jackson Hole (Wyoming) last week for a trunk show at Belle Cose’s boutique.

I stayed in a stunning complex “Love Ridge”, very charming.

photo 2 copie


The apartment was a lovely chalet with a great view on the mountains. A traditional log cabin just down the block, got my attention.

photo 4 copie

I love these columns.

photo 5 copie

The natural knotted wood is kooky on this great old house.

Giddy up Y’All !

Get ready for the at home view, so comfy !

photo 6 copie

And huge for me :) I was almost lost

photo 7 copieSo I took a picture for you just in case I was missing :)


photo 3


I was with Jane, lovely owner at Belle Cose and her mom, a fantastic woman !

photo 13 copie


IMG_5642 copieLife in pink, folks ! :) They are both beautiful !

In the morning, I went to the Town Square to see the famous Antler Arches. That’s very impressive ! I love them ! Don’t panic, I did not kill them, they fall off seasonally 😀



It was a real blast in the lovely valley ! Now time to get on the plane.

photo 11 copie

And say goodbye to this incredible landscape

photo 12 copie


I am back to the Big Apple :)


Until next time 😉 …


Rays initials


On the Highway of life

August, August, August… Hey ! Wait a minute, almost my birthday?

Where was I during all those years?

Not sure :) .. BUT, I know where I was last weekend when it was so cloudy in NYC and the studio looked like this:


I know… NYC can’t shine bright all the time !

I went to Manchester (By-the-sea) for a trunk show at Gladstone’s store.

I got in my car and was on the highway, almost without traffic (I know, can you believe it?) :)

Big thanks to my amazing hosts for the weekend. Charles, Elaine and Lucy!


It was a great weekend, and we sold some of my favorite items ! But honestly, how could you not in this comfy and lovely environment.


photo 4

The next morning, I went walk about in the town and found this lovely house with a classic “Mansard” roof. I Love it !


Now time to go back to the real world in my office

Until next time…:)

photo 7

San Francisco

Hi Y’all

Can’t believe the summer is almost gone ! What an incredible July, time goes so quickly. Let me take a seat and put my fingers on my keyboard to tell you my last trip in California with sun, fun and jewelry !

I went to Danielle’s stores for a personal apparence in San Francisco and Napa. Danielle is a great friend and we spend quality time together.

Danielle and I

  • Act 1 Scene 1: San Francisco 

Well, you can make fun of my tourist mode, keeping one hand on the wheel and the other on my phone, trying to take a picture of the Golden Gate :)

But we can just admit this bridge looks GREAT and it is always fun to drive across.

photo 5photo 7

I was staying in an hotel in the Presidio, nice neighborhood and houses :)

photo 1

Early in the morning, i was hiking before my trunk show with an amazing view over Alcatraz and the water. Perfect walk and deep breath and some yoga sat nam :) before meeting Danielle at her store.

photo 2

  • Act 1 scene 2: Carmel

After my road trip, I finally arrived in Carmel, almost 120 miles away from SF (according to Google map). It’s a beautiful city.

I traded Alcatraz for a perfect wild beach view for my morning activity.

photo 2

photo 4

It is too cold to swim.

This is the lovely Soraya in her store.


And Victor, my buddy and a great jeweler.

Victor and I

I was glad to meet a new friend, Sophie, Cayen’s puppy ! So cute ! Should I design a necklace for this demoiselle?

Sophie puppy

And then, maybe I should steal her pink leash :)

Doggy Ray

Early evening after work, with Molly, we stopped by the Mission Ranch, restored and preserved by Clint Eastwood. I was feeling at home with those Eucalyptus trees, from my native Australia.

photo 7

photo 8

California, I already miss you !  Thank to Danielle at Danielle’s, Soraya, Molly and the mob from Cayen Gallery for your kindness enthusiasm and joy :) it was a real blast.

Now back to the real world :)

Next destination, get ready, East coast I am coming !


Rays initials

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