Hi There!

Happy Belated New Year! We hope your holiday was as eventful and adventurous as ours here in the RG studio. As you can image there wasn’t much time for blogging, but plenty of time for travel and trunk shows. Ladies and Gents needed jewels and I had to deliver, which meant a multiple holiday city tour in 3 months!


Pittsburgh was my first stop at the Stylish Choices Boutique. We usually have an amazing show and this year was no exception. It wasn’t a surprise to see Pittsburgh’s most fashionable flock show up and show out!


 As the first show of the holiday season with such a fabulous turn out , I knew this would set the tone for the rest of 2013!


Wayne Smith in Houston was the next stop on the RG express and Halloween was in full swing. We had a blast keeping the spirit alive in our witch hats and masquerade masks.

There were plenty of tricks going on and we made sure to treat the customers to some amazing jewels. #trickortreat


After more great shows in Dallas and Calgary, I flew back to NYC for some much needed R&R and decided to have a well-deserved dinner on the upper west side with my oldest friend in life. We’ve been next door neighbors since I was three years old and our mothers still live in the same houses!….lol

No matter how hectic my schedule, when this lady comes to town, everything shuts down!


The night was still young, so we decided to take a little upper west side stroll and surprisingly ran into Bansky.


Well, not the artist himself of course, but a fun little ‘Hammer Boy’ creative that was soon to be removed, so I had to get in on the action!

Through out all my travels, it was impossible for me not to be inspired to produce something exceptional. Thus the new Crownwork Oxidized Tassel Sautior was born.

Sautior Lo-resAll and All, the RG team closed out the year with a Big Bang and I couldn’t have been more grateful for all my stores that made the end on the year such a success.

Big hugs and Kisses!!! Until next time…..

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