We had the pleasure of catching up with Stone and Strand Founder Nadine McCarthy. She was gracious enough to explain the interesting concept behind the site and why it’s one of the new ways to shop for fine jewelry.

Stone and Strand

Brooke Magnaghi (left) and Nadine McCarthy Kahane (right)

RG: Tell us a little about Stone & Strand

NM: Stone & Strand is a fine jewelry destination that transports the age-old relationship of a personal jeweler and their client to the online arena. We use the convenience and storytelling capabilities of the Internet, as a platform for jewelry enthusiasts to discover, learn about and shop for the very best unique fine jewelry, delivered with a suite of highly intimate concierge services.

RG: How do you select designers to participate on the site?

NM: Stone & Strand is founded upon a contemporary expression of old values. We select designers based on their unique design aesthetic, with underlying devotion and exceptional craftsmanship. In a world filled with factory-manufactured jewelry, we seek designers with an individual story to tell, and a collection that has both spirit and soul.

designer pageStone & Strand launched with a celebration of the amazing jewelry designers we have right here in our hometown of New York. There is so much talent in the city, ranging from highly established designers to the raw energy of designers launching their first line. Ray was one of the first designers that we brought on- we knew we had to have him!

We have since expanded our range and introduced a select group of international designers from all over the world including Turkey, the UK, Russia and Switzerland.


RG: What drew you to Ray’s jewelry?

NM: All of our handpicked jewelry designers have their own personality, and Ray’s jewelry has it in abundance! It’s difficult to know where to begin, but at the core of his work is his unique hand crafted crown work technique, so intricate and challenging that few others (if any?) are able to replicate its meticulous detail.

Ray's Page

Ray is a true expert. He’s been designing and making jewelry his whole life and you can simply see it in the gorgeous pieces he produces and his stunning use of color.

Finally, Ray has an infectious passion for the industry and can talk about each and every stone in his collection for hours – where it came from, what makes it special and what he’s going to do with it. Time simply flies by when we pay his beautiful studio a visit!

RG: What is your personal favorite piece of jewelry?

NM: I sadly don’t own it (yet)– but am obsessed with Ray’s 18K yellow gold Tiara. It is the most exquisite piece I have ever seen. We were fortunate enough to be able to shoot it in our first editorial photography session and everyone on set was similarly blown away. It defines the meaning of a family heirloom!

Tiara Page

Ray Griffiths ‘Regency Tiara’ on the Stone and Strand Site

RG: Where is your favorite place to shop (besides Stone and Strand?)

NM: I adore rummaging through antique stores and vintage flea markets, a habit that runs through my entire family. There is nothing better than the feeling of discovery when you find a unique piece, that has its own unique story, and are able to bring it back to life in a corner of your home.

RG: What does the future hold for Stone and Strand?

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 3.49.25 PM

NM: Stone & Strand is more than an online destination. We are building a community for jewelry enthusiasts, and want to provide them with insider’s access to the often-veiled world of fine jewelry through exclusive access to one of a kind pieces, behind the scenes peeks into a designer’s world, and finally pop up events for people to meet us in person. We are keeping busy!

To explore the wonderful world of Stone and Strand visit: http://www.stoneandstrand.com/

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