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I am back (briefly) from another round of travels, some work, some play, all fun!  My first stop was Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I had a great time with all the ladies at Belle Cose for my trunk show.  Its a such a gorgeous town full of cowboy spirit and open skies.

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This arch of antlers that welcomes you into town is really quite breathtaking

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Giddy up y’all, these cowboys hitched their wagon outside the store.

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Jenny at Belle Cose with the jewels

Belle Cose is such a beautiful store, you should check it out if you are in Jackson Hole.



Nothing really changes in rainy old London, the streets still make me feel like I have just stepped onto the set of Coronation Street.

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I was thrilled to catch up with my old friend Robert McCalla

My next stop was a quick hop across the pond to London.  I lived in London 33 years ago so it holds a special place in my heart.  I haven’t had the chance to visit for years so it was great to catch up with old friends and visit my old stomping grounds.After a couple of days in rainy old London I jumped on the Chunnel to Paris, this was my first time taking to train from London to France.  So much fun!

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The obligatory shot of the Eiffel tower, its beauty never fails to inspire me.

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The bridge of lovers locks, so much romance in Paris

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Musée du quai Branly has the most incredible vertical garden, its an incredible example of sustainable design

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Having dinner with two of my dearest friends in Paris, Cathy and Keith was an absolute treat

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One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to experience the art and imagination of artists around the work. I fell in love with this sculpture in the gardens outside the Louvre

Then it was back to London for a few more days of fun, I managed to catch a couple of shows for London Fashion week with my dear friend (????)

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Susie Hoyle loving life in London

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I was immediately drawn to this sculpture at the Tate Modern, I then discovered its are the work of the same artist I fell in love with in Paris. Don’t you love serendipity…….

I was so inspired by all the beautiful art and architecture I saw on my trip, I can’t wait to share the beautiful new designs I have been working on since I returned.

These beautiful new half crownwork ball earrings are my current favorite creation, they are delicious diamond disco balls for your ears.

cw-ball-earringsHave a great weekend everyone, I am off to Miami to do the Centurion show then Pittsburgh for a trunk show.  I am all over the place for the next few months, come and find me and say hi.

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