Hello friends

I can’t believe its March already.   The start to this year has been a blur of travel and I find myself again remiss in not posting earlier.   I hope you are all having a great 2012 so far.  Mine began in the middle of the ocean on a ship in the Caribbean.  We started off in Miami then sailed on to St Maarten, St Thomas, the Bahamas and back to Miami.  I was there for work (of course) but managed to enjoy some downtime and met some wonderful people.  My favorite part of doing trunk shows, apart from showing my handiwork off, is the people I meet and the new friends that I make.

The ship all lit up and ready to sail

A private staff only jacuzzi right up the front of the ship

Another Ray upshot with 2 of the gorgeous girls from the ship

Happy New Year!  I loved this Solid Gold dancer….

My case on the ship all jeweled up and ready for sales

The next stop on my tour was Tucson Arizona for the International Gem Show, always one of the highlights of my year.  I have always had a love for and fascination with gemstones and being surrounded by the most fabulous ones in the world is such a thrill and a treat for me.  It really gets my creative juices flowing and reaffirms for me why I am a jewelry designer.  I simply love to share these wonderful creations of nature and make them into treasures to wear.   Being at the show also gives me an opportunity to socialize with my fellow designers, all of whom I admire greatly and have become friends over the years.

Its not Tucson without a Cactus!

Naturally formed Ruby in Zoisite

Bamboo fossilized into stone

Arman, Pamela Froman, Soraya and I

Finally I spent a week in Barbados doing several trunk shows for the movers and shakers on the island.  The Royal Family were on their yacht just off shore at the same time, I tried to swim out with an arm full of jewels for Kate but didn’t quite make it….  This was my second time in Barbados and I love it.  The people are amazing and its such a bright, vibrant and friendly country.

My home for the week, Discovery Bay..AKA Disaster Bay

Afternoon tea party with the Barbadian ladies who lunch at Lime Grove

Another Ray upshot with Michal, the owner of the store I was doing trunk shows with

Adeline and the girls ready for action at the Royal Pavilion show

Waiting for the green flash….

Now I am back in the studio with the hammer in my hands making jewels and working on the plans for my apartment renovation.  Off to Texas next week for a big sales trip.  The adventure never ends.  All of my tropical adventures had a definite influence on my designs.  My look for spring/summer is bright and bold.  Can’t wait to share some new jewels with you soon