I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  I have (again) been on the road.

I had a very busy and enjoyable holiday trunk show season in Tennessee, New Orleans, San Mateo, SanFranciso and locally in Bronxville.  Thanks to those who came out to say hi and bought jewels.  I love seeing you all.

Canal Street (New Orleans) looked so sparkly and festive

With my gorgeous friend Jackie in Muir Woods (just across the Golden Gate Bridge)

My delightful nieces Sam & Ash flew in to meet me San Francisco from Australia to stay with me for the holidays.

What a thrill to get a Holiday card from the OBAMA FAMILY!!!!!!

At this time I always find myself reflecting on the year that has passed (much too quickly)Some of the highlights of my year have been:

Moving into our fabulous new office space, if you are in town you really must come and check it out.

There has been lots of traveling this year, mainly for work but luckily also some for pleasure.  My trip to Brazil with 3 of my best friends was amazing.  But of course my recent trip to China, Japan and Hong Kong really did get me excited about the world.

These things  fueled me creatively so I feel that my greatest achievement this year is the jewelry we have created.  The collection is the best its ever been and there is so much more to come in the New Year.  Its a very exciting note to end the year on!

My holiday plans include preparing a wonderful meal with my gorgeous nieces, showing then my New York and then sailing off into the sunset on a NYE cruise from Miami to the Caribbean.

Whatever you have planned I hope it is fabulous!

Happy Happy