Hi everyone

I just got back from the most fantastic mini-break to Rio.  I met 3 of my dearest friends in the world and we just had a blast.

My amazing travel companions

  My traveling companions; Kevin Clarke (Bangkok), Keith Chee (Sydney) & Lee Moore (LA)

Mid Century Mural at the Instituto Moreira Salles (Museum)

The Swimming Pool at the Instiuto Moreira Salles, it used to be a private home (wishfully mine) and is now a museum.  The columns behind the pool were the changing rooms, so clever!

The Sidewalk in Ipenema, even the streets in Rio are beautiful and decorative

The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, another spectacular achievement by the celebrated Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer

This exhibition inside the Museum was actually photographs of molded clay mounted on brass stand to create the illusion of poring liquid – just fabulous!

The view from underneath the museum, the infinity pool with the mountains in the back is magical and inspiring.  For me this captures the spirit of Rio.

I spend so much of my time traveling and doing trunk shows so it was very creatively inspiring to have some time just for fun and exploring.  One of the things I love about Rio is the amazing mid century architecture juxtaposed against the stunning natural landscape.

All of my constant traveling leads to much packing and unpacking and people are often asking me the best way to travel with your jewelry.  I suggest packing it in a flat double sided jewelry pouch, its always best to separate every piece so nothing tangles or bends.

Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store both offer great options for a similar travel pouch

The design direction I am heading into for fall and the holidays was definitely influenced by my trip.  Juicy colorful cabochons for earrings, pendants and rings; linear oxidized silver and gold necklaces and lots of plique a jour enameling (including a new ring that is to die for).  I can’t wait to share it all with you.

And lastly I would like to share this faboo article that Vogue Living just ran on our new(ish) space.

Come visit me next time you are in the neighborhood