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Inspiration: crownwork ball fringe necklace

This is also known as the necklace that just took runner up in the Gold category of the Couture Design Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I took a jewelry journey through ancient history; Etruscan, Greco Roman and Ottoman Empire pieces inspired the structure, form and drape of this necklace.
This is my crownwork spin on the historical pieces that are fueling my creative flames right now.
 Rays initials
Conch Shell

Inspiration: Conch Necklace

 I was watching a program on National  Geographic about some sort of sea snake and their buoyancy.  I just loved the movement in the water and as you know all things in my head are jewels, so I started thinking about how to create that as a piece of jewelry.

I added the conch shell lips and played with it inside my head until it worked. I did the drawing, we made a model and loved it so we cast the component in Gold so I could play with it, it too a long time to construct. Once we put all the links together it had that slink factor I was going for :)

Its a really classic, sexy gold necklace that feels really great on and moves naturally with your body.  It has my diamond set toggle and crown work clasp to give it that extra edge.
There is a matching bracelet that you can add to the necklace to make it evening length too.  I like my jewelry to have more than one purpose and to all work together just as beautifully as it does on its own.
 Rays initials

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