About Ray

Australian-born jeweler, Ray Griffiths, has been creating exquisite jewelry for more than 30 years. The son of a shoemaker, Ray grew up spending weekends at his father’s workshop and developed a deep sensibility towards craftsmanship and an appreciation for handmade details. Fuelled by a love of gemstones and jewelry from an early age, when he was just 15 Ray began a apprenticeship to jewelry masters and tiara makers at Dunklings Jewellers in Melbourne, Australia. It was there that he learned the art behind the construction and restoration of fine jewels — which was to form the basis and ongoing motif in all of his own designs and production. Later on he pursued degrees in both gemology and diamond technology, leaving him a master in both his craft and its science. An adventurer at heart, Ray then spent several years in Europe before returning to Australia, this time to Sydney, where he became partner and head designer at Rox, Sydney’s premier jewelry store, located in the exclusive Strand Arcade.


In 1997, Ray decided to set off on a new adventure to New York, where he established his eponymous studio initially on 14th Street, and later on Fifth Avenue where it resides now. When he arrived in New York with a generally modernist aesthetic, he realized his style wasn’t all that uncommon in the big apple, he needed to separate himself from pack. And so his signature crownwork style was born.


Drawing inspiration from architecture and antiquity, Ray designs and builds his masterpieces, all of which are created by hand, in his light filled atelier. Ray is not just a master designer and craftsman but also passionate about gemstones. His perspective on the stones he selects is both unique and heartening. When searching for an ideal gem, he doesn’t prioritize perfection. In Ray’s view, a perfect stone has no character or as he puts it “no street cred”. It’s the imperfections – the inclusions, the color bands etc that give a gemstone value, “that make it real”. He chooses stones not because they are flawless, but because they are individual. Ray strives to enhance the natural beauty of the stone through the design of the jewel.


Renowned for his exquisite metalwork, profound technical skills, and exquisitely cut gemstones, Ray produces timelessly elegant jewelry. In addition to his own signature collections, Ray also creates custom pieces and refashions heirlooms for his clients. To learn more about Ray’s custom jewelry, please click here.
Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry is sold in select jewelry stores and boutiques around the world. Private appointments are available at his Fifth Avenue Studio in New York.